Letters To Santa Reveal The Real Struggle Of Kids During Such Hard Times.

Unlike other kids Kaden, a boy from California wanted only a few things from Santa. His list of wishes included, just a remote-controlled car, a green jacket, and a corona virus-free school year.

In a handwritten letter, he wrote, “Dear Santa. “I would do enything if you could some-haw restart 5th grade with NO COVid. Soo plees if you the amasing Santa could restart it I wood be happy” (Ignore his poor English- After all, he is a very small and cute child)

He sent this letter through USPS Operation Santa, which helps the children to reach their letters to Santa. Most of the kids’ letters in 2020, reflected the hardships faced by the families during the pandemic.

An 11-year-old girl Lilly, a sixth-grader from Maine, expressed her grief about losing her family due to the Coronavirus. She wrote to Mr. and Mrs. Claus. “My grandpa died and I could not see him because of Covid. I miss him and his big hugs.”

Her wish list included earrings for her mom, games she can play with her dad, clothes for her sister, and “Xbox stuff” for her brother. She also asked for “a doll that looks real” and a purple jacket for herself.

“Santa, can you bring granny a puppy, so she is not so lonely?” She added.

Many children wrote about their parents’ financial stress to be solved. In his letter, 13-year-old Raymond from California confessed he “is not a believer,” But he still asked Santa for gifts to help out his mom. He wrote, “I am asking you to help my mom for X-mas,”. He further added, “Having us all home and not working due to Covid we could use some help.”

It was not only kids but also parents who wrote their wishes to Santa. A mother of three in California called Marilu described her husband, who stopped working due to the pandemic. He was to be hospitalized frequently because of heart issues. “This year has been really rough for us,” she wrote. “We have been struggling financially because of all the hospital bills & they just keep piling up. We would appreciate clothes & shoes. Those are essential.”

A 5-year-old girl Matzy from Texas asked Santa to expect more than just milk and cookies from her home that year.

“I hope you don’t get sick,” read her letter. “Matzy will give you cookies and milk and mommy Andrea will make a mask for you and rain deer.”. How sweet!

And many kids are also asking Santa to keep their loved ones healthy.

Jacqueline from California wrote, “I also wish for my friends and family to stay safe.”

At the end of her list, she wrote “And for my Abu not to get sick because I don’t want to lose her, not yet. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to the world and to my family. I Love you Santa.”

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