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Cher Celebrates 77th Birthday & Asks Fans A Question No One Expected.

Many individuals joke about Cher being a vampire since she never ages. She still looks wonderful and appears to be quite busy. Now that she is approaching 80 years old, the singer has presented a question to her admirers.

Continue reading to find out what question the singer posed to her fans.

Cher just celebrated her 77th birthday. The Believe singer commemorated the occasion with a tweet in which she asked her followers a question. “Ok, Will Someone 🙏🏼PLEASE Tell me…..When Will I Feel OLD👶🏻.This is ridiculous🙄. I keep hearing these numbers, but I Honestly can’t understand them,” Cher tweeted Saturday. “WHATS THE DEAL WITH #’s⁉️ I’m dyslexic & #’s Are hard 4 me,” she wrote.

The singer is definitely struggling to reconcile her chronological age with how old she feels psychologically. Cher is 77 years old on paper, but in her heart, the singer and actress is certainly still a teenager!

The singer then went on to thank her fans for their support.

The singer spent her birthday likely alone, considering she just ended her relationship with her producer lover, Alexander “AE” Edwards. The couple had been dating for a few months and were even rumored to be engaged at one point.

According to sources, the couple split up a few weeks ago, although the split was amicable.

Cher was many years younger than Edwards. The singer was 37 years old at the time. When they were observed wandering around Los Angeles together in November 2022, the pair was said to be dating. After that, the singer verified the rumors. She confirmed the rumors on The Kelly Clarkson Show in December of last year. The couple had a 40-year age gap, yet this did not dissuade them.

The singer said that on paper, it’s kind of ridiculous. But in real life, they get along excellently, she continued. He’s fantastic. And she doesn’t bestow on them traits they don’t deserve.

Cher lauded Edwards, describing him as “fabulous,” “very generous,” “very clever,” “very talented,” and “really humorous.” She also said that “he’s quite handsome.”

The singer shared a photo of a big diamond ring Edwards gave her for Christmas. The action instantly prompted speculation and fueled rumors that the couple had gotten engaged.

However, the pair had never been engaged, and the diamond was not an engagement ring, according to reports.

Cher was still content with her partnership only a few months ago, in March 2023. On the red carpet for Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter and Love, the singer was asked whether she was pleased with Edwards, to which she replied, “Yes, I am.”

The industry icon has previously been married. She notably married Sonny Bono from 1964 to 1975, and then Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979. She’s also had high-profile romances with actors Val Kilmer and Tim Medvetz.

Edwards is the Vice President of A&R at Def Jam Records. He previously dated model Amber Rose, with whom he has a three-year-old son, Slash.

Cher seems youthful, not just in appearance but also in soul! We wish the singer a happy 77th birthday. Please join us in offering her our best wishes.

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