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Child’s drawing of a pig in a bow tie is deemed ‘inappropriate’ by school, mom says.

A mother in Michigan claims that her 11-year-old daughter’s school deemed a pig drawing “inappropriate.”

The bright picture, named “Piggie,” portrays a pig with a bow tie saying “hi” as it swings its arms. Isn’t it completely innocent?

In a now-viral TikTok video, Piggie’s mother, Sierra Carter, recounts that she got a phone call from an art instructor who was worried that Piggie’s bow tie depicted male genitalia.

A small kid had approached her and informed her that he felt her daughter had drawn masculine parts on her pig project, Carter says in the video.

According to Carter, the fifth-grade pupil said unequivocally that she had drawn a bow tie; however, the teacher persisted on engaging the school vice principal. The “inappropriate” artwork was subsequently “seized,” according to Carter.

Carter chose to schedule a meeting with her daughter’s art instructor and the school counselor.

When they showed the mom the artwork, she understood that was definitely what her kid thought it was, Carter, 37, says.

Afterwards, the principal of Hanover-Horton Elementary School joined the debate. He debated with her about what a bow tie should look like, Carter says. Ultimately, he says, he’ll let it slip this time, but he is going to file this in her file.

John Denney, who is in charge of the Hanover-Horton Schools, says that no student’s school records contain anything about this situation.

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It is sad that a one-sided narrative has emerged on social media that portrays their employees negatively, Denney said in a statement. In this occasion, a student correctly brought issues to their staff’s notice. As a result, the employees addressed the matter with empathy and sensitivity. The student’s parents were called by staff to address the incident. No pupil was singled out or made fun of. Every attempt was made to respect the privacy and dignity of all kids.

Last month, the event happened. Carter has subsequently taken her daughter out of school.

Carter describes how she felt ashamed and singled out. No child should feel that way. She should be at ease.

Carter claims that the school has not apologized to her kid. Yet she has received an outpouring of love on TikTok.

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