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Christina Applegate hints at retirement following her battle with Multiple sclerosis.

Christina Applegate has hinted that she may be retiring soon.

The Dead to Me actress, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021, told the Los Angeles Times that the SAG Awards would most likely be her last performance as an actor.

The actress walked the red carpet with her 12-year-old daughter Sadie Grace at the event on February 27. She walked with a cane with the initials “FU MS,” which had become part of her new normal.

For her work as Jen Harding in Netflix’s Dead to Me, the popular actress was nominated for best performance by a female actor in a comedy series.

This was her sixth nomination overall.

Yet, we are unlikely to see much of the 51-year-old in the future.

It’s probably her final awards event as an actress, so it’s sort of a huge thing, Applegate stated before the ceremony.

Right now, she couldn’t picture waking up at 5 a.m. and spending 12 to 14 hours on a set; she don’t have it in her right now, Applegate revealed.

As she was shooting the third and final season of Dead to Me in 2021, the Married with Children veteran was diagnosed with MS.

She was obliged to take a break from the performance to get treatment, but she was determined to complete it. Nonetheless, it took months after the film’s premiere for her to be able to see herself in Married with Children.

She don’t enjoy watching herself in pain, she said.

She also gained 40 pounds as a result of inactivity and drugs, and she didn’t look or feel like herself.

As she returned to shooting, she noticed things had changed drastically.

She was a mess every day, but most of that wreck happened in her trailer by herself. But there were moments on set when she’d break down and say, she can’t, they have to take a break, she need a half-hour, and everyone was so supportive that it was fine.

Applegate was questioned about her life following Dead to Me in November.

It’s about discovering what she capable of, she said.

She no longer has the ability to work long hours for days on end. Applegate must now find out how to live with a chronic condition.

She is just getting started with this. So she is trying to figure things out while simultaneously grieving over the person she used to be. She need to find a location that is as nice as her set, where people won’t think she is a diva if she say, ‘Look, I can only work five hours.'”

If Applegate decides to perform again, she says she has to find a location that will allow her to work five hours if she is not the star.

Despite her improvements in health, she is still unsure if acting is in her future.

Whatever Christina Applegate does in the future, I hope she recognizes the wonderful job she has done for fans over the last many decades.

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