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Grandson Devotes All His Time Caring for Grandma, 96, So Family Won’t Send Her to Care Home.

Chris Punsalan is a young man who often posts snapshots of his life on TikTok and Instagram. He’s a musician and content creator in his twenties, according to reports. Something else, though, has become an integral part of both his official and informal presentations.

Punsalan has joyfully taken on the duty of full-time caregiver to an outstanding person—someone he loves and adores with every fiber of his being—for the last several years. Have a look at his wonderfully touching tale!

Posted by Chris Punsalan on Saturday, 18 February 2023

Punsalan is at an age when most people would enjoy a carefree and exciting existence, but his heart is set on something different. He’s followed a whole other course in life, rather than hanging out with friends, seeking love relationships, and chasing his aspirations.

Punsalan has been caring for his beloved lola (grandmother) with the greatest commitment and affection for over seven years. The young guy decided to compensate the woman who was a continuous presence in his life because of the solid family structure he grew up in.

Punsalan grew up saying his grandmother was always there for him, so it was only right that he repaid the favor when she required him the most. His social media pages are littered with photographs and videos of his gorgeous grandmother, providing a nice diversion from the daily grind.

Punsalan’s TikTok and Instagram updates are sheer delights to watch, from offering sneak peaks into his daily routine as a caregiver to heart-warming memories of his granny’s childhood. Yet, being a full-time caregiver has not been an easy task for the young guy.

Although Punsalan does not regret his career, he has acknowledged periods of great loneliness. The compassionate young guy in his videos undertakes a variety of chores that require mental, physical, and emotional energy. They also highlight the special relationship he has with his grandmother.

Punsalan has been posting photos and videos of his cute lola on social media since 2014. He made the decision to become her caretaker after discovering he was capable of doing so. Punsalan’s response when asked why he wished to care for her was that everyone else was working and he’d rather simply take care of grandmother since she’s taken care of him since he was a little kid and he doesn’t want to see her in home care.

Punsalan’s actions enabled his grandmother to spend the last winter of her life at home rather than in a nursing institution. The kind grandchild has taken excellent care of mom and even treats her with hugs, kisses, and other love gestures.

Punsalan is kind with the old lady in his video recordings, moving her in his arms from her wheelchair to the bed and vice versa. Because of his own experience with his grandmother, he has even offered helpful hints for caregivers.

Punsalan’s film depicting a normal day in the life of a caregiver did not become popular until 2019. After that, netizens uncovered more of his work and learned how devoted he was to his grandma.

Because of the enormous reaction, the young guy started releasing additional footage online. He honored his lola’s 90th birthday in one of his films.

It was later found that his family immigrated to America from the Philippines, where his grandmother taught for two decades. Punsalan was close to his Kapampangan grandmother from infancy, and their bond has only grown stronger over time.

Several netizens have been impressed by the loyal grandson’s heartwarming videos. Punsalan saw his mother’s concern about his grandmother’s failing health.

It was painful for him to witness his strong and independent lola become so frail and reliant on others. Punsalan stepped up to become his grandmother’s principal caregiver, determined to show her his undying love and support.

While managing everything was difficult initially, the TikToker has adjusted well over time and enjoys his work. He described his grandma as the most thankful and compassionate person he’s ever encountered, who constantly expresses gratitude to others for their wonderful actions.

The young Filipino’s videos continue to get love and applause from netizens, illustrating that being good is free! If you enjoyed reading this touching tale, please offer Chris Punsalan and his grandmother some love on Facebook.

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