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Waffle House Waitress Says She Felt ‘Sick To Her Stomach’ After Seeing Customer’s Tip On Receipt.

When a waiter at a Tennessee Waffle House saw what was written on a customer’s receipt, she was taken aback.

Lauren Ball, of Kingsport, Tennessee, was nearing the end of her shift when a client entered the Waffle House.

Ball said that she was ready to go home, she didn’t even want to wait for him. The 21-year-old, on the other hand, had no idea what was going to occur.

Ball had just paid for her 2-year-old son’s birthday party and was about to travel on a holiday in Florida with her dad, so she was in a financial bind.

It was a Wednesday night, and Ball expected to earn about $30, maybe up to $60 if things went well.

The waitress struck up a pleasant discussion with two of the guys she was serving before going outside to have a cigarette. One of the guys followed her outside and informed her that his buddy was leaving her a huge tip, but she didn’t believe him. As she returned inside, she was surprised to discover that he had not been lying.

The client left a $600 tip. She was taken aback.

That just stole her breath away, Ball added. That made her feel ill, but in a wonderful way.

As news of the tip got throughout the restaurant, other staff wanted to see for themselves whether it was true. The chef approached the guy who had left the tip outside and inquired whether he was genuine about the tip. He said that he was.

When the guys were departing, Ball raced outside and hugged the man who had given the tip and thanked him in tears for the very huge gratuity. She’d never met him before that evening.

She said that she sobbed and told him he was an angel, and he’ll never know how much it meant to her.

And he said she simply like to do things for lovely people, the single mother stated, explaining why the guy would do something like that for a stranger.

Ball said that she will never forget the man’s kind gift. She aspires to be able to pay it forward and do something good for a stranger herself one day.

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