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DoorDash driver refused to hand over food after patron gives her $8 tip.

A video that recently resurfaced on YouTube has gone viral, showing a DoorDash driver who refused to deliver a man’s food after he tipped her $8 in 2021.

In the video, which has been viewed almost two million times, the woman can be seen shouting at the man for the apparently insufficient tip, given that she had to travel 12-and-a-half miles for the delivery. The driver explained that she had to go to Commack, Long Island, to collect the food and then travel to Smithtown, which took her 40 minutes, whereas the customer argued that it should have only taken 15 to 20 minutes.

The driver claimed that the man must realize how far she had traveled. When the woman asked the man to adjust the tip, he responded by saying, “What the h–l are you looking for? I gave an $8 tip.” In response, the driver threatened to return the food and began to leave.

The Post contacted DoorDash for comment, and several people criticized the driver’s behavior. One person said that the driver had never worked for tips before and that $8 was a significant amount, while another commented that, as a DoorDash driver, $8 was good money. However, a third person said that entitled drivers like her should be fired, and a fourth person noted that she should have been more observant while doing her job and realized the distance before accepting the job.

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