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Christine Brown of ‘Sister Wives’ is “very blessed” since she became a grandmother to twins a year after leaving Kody.

For many years, fans of “Sister Wives” have been following the lives of the four ladies married to Kody Brown. Christine has become the grandmother of twins, giving followers a new reason to rejoice.

Due to their unconventional family life and how they communicate with one another, the ladies on the program have been the subject of several disputes in recent months. However, there is a silver lining in the dark cloud for the family.

Mykelti Brown, Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter, has recently given birth to twins. Archer and Ace Pardon are the names of the two sons. Ace and Archer are Mykelti’s second and third kids, respectively.

Tony, Mykelti’s husband, rushed to social media to celebrate the arrival of his boys and thank people who helped them during the ordeal. Interestingly, Robyn was among the women present to show her support for Mykelti.

Christine and Kody split late last year, which meant Christine had to leave her sisters’ marriages behind as well. Robyn, with whom Christine had a tough connection, came to assist Mykelti and heal wounds with Christine.

Christine’s life has changed significantly since she became a single woman. Christine’s weight is one of the most visible changes on social media. She has lost a lot of weight after her divorce.

She posted a snapshot on Instagram earlier this week of herself sitting on some steps, combing her hair back from her face. She grinned into the camera and captioned the photo, stating she was weary and didn’t know what was going on.

Fans rushed to her aid, expressing how lovely she looked and how she inspired them.

Another admirer applauded Christine for beginning again and doing it graciously and with courage. Her ex-husband, Kody, has been less than impressed with her metamorphosis.

He has said unequivocally that her newfound freedom disturbs him. Christine, on the other hand, has not allowed Kody’s view to deter her from becoming the greatest version of herself and has enjoyed her newfound vitality.

After Christine divorced Kody, another wife wanted to divorce him. Kody recently disclosed that he and Janelle were no longer together. Janelle and Kody, like Christine and Kody, have six kids.

Janelle also stated that she and Kody were legally separated but not divorced. When asked about their divorce, Kody stated that Janelle has made it very plain to him that she is content with her life without him.

Christine divorced Kody, and they both issued statements claiming they were heartbroken by the divorce but had moved apart. They stated that they will continue to be significant characters in each other’s life.

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