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“Sweet, Loving And Joyful” 7-Yr-Old Boy Attacked And Killed By Family Dog.

Officials in Oklahoma say a dog attacked and killed a 7-year-old kid last week. James McNeelis did not return home after supper and did not return family calls. On Wednesday, about 7:20 p.m., he was reported missing.

According to the Creek County Sheriff’s Office, when deputies arrived at the family’s house south of Kiefer, a family member discovered the youngster on the property. The preliminary investigation shows the child was attacked by a family pet (dog). According to the statement, the little youngster died at 7:35 p.m. that night.

It doesn’t appear to be any foul play, Creek County Sheriff Bret Bowling told. Their preliminary findings or inquiry indicate that it is some form of mammal. Just before the incident, James was playing outdoors with his new puppy. The boy’s grandma described him as kind, compassionate, and joyous. She also stated that the dog, a stray corgi mix, had been with the household for around three weeks prior to the event. The animal had not previously displayed any signs of aggressiveness. The body of James McNeelis was found by the boy’s father. According to the grandma, the family is heartbroken and in dismay. The dog is now being housed at an animal shelter.

Shannon Edison, a neighbor, claimed she and her family were enjoying a birthday party nearby when she heard a lady scream. It was a very, very life-changing scream, Edison explained. They realized there was something amiss. As a mother, one understands that scream. If you’ve ever heard that scream, you’ll recognize it. Something had gone horribly wrong. It was heartbreaking, Edison added. No family should ever have to endure something like that. She genuinely couldn’t believe it. It was something incomprehensible.

The family is saddened and intends to relocate after the child’s funeral to heal from the ordeal. Michael F. McNeelis, the boy’s father, posted on Facebook, I know I’ve been gone. I know I’ve been an a**hole. I’m sorry to everyone I ever hurt… please.. My baby boy James was killed. The night of the 20th. Please help us… anything at all.. even if you just share his story please. He was so full of life and light and he was going to change the world. And he still is. His light will change the world. We feel alone and lost without him and we’re doing all we can but it’s just hard. Everything just hurts without my little boy here.

I know I’ve been gone. I know I’ve been an asshole. I’m sorry to everyone I ever hurt… please.. My baby boy James was…

Posted by Michael F. McNeelis on Saturday, 23 October 2021

To aid with expenditures, the family has also put up a GoFundMe page. On October 20th, Michael and Hannah discovered their small kid injured in their backyard by an animal they had rescued three weeks before. The dog had been closely observed with the youngster, and there had never been any symptoms of hostility. This was an unexpected and devastating accident that has left this family befuddled and distraught. This money will help with James’s memorial and funeral expenses, as well as the family’s purchase of a car and relocation away from the home where he was raised. Their therapist advises them to leave the scene of the trauma in an attempt to recover.

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