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Cloud over London resembles the late Queen on a horse

The elements have seemed to mirror the nation’s sorrow over the past several days, from the double rainbow above Buckingham Palace when her death was declared to the skies opening in symbolic downpour.

Now, a well-wisher has noticed a cloud figure that looks like Her Majesty on one of her favourite horses.

The photograph, shot on Sunday near Wembley, north-west London, resembles images of a young Elizabeth riding in royal regalia.

It comes after photos of many clouds dressed in the Queen’s distinctive headgear.

On his walk back from the stores near his house, Eki Eguae, 37, noticed the cloud.

When Eki shared the cloud image to his colleagues, he couldn’t help but imagine the Queen was watching over London.

Initially he hadn’t considered the Queen, remarked the eager cloudspotter.

But later on, he was thinking about how excited she was about horse racing, and while discussing with his colleagues, they all said it felt like she was behind it.

That was incredibly unusual to watch since the cloud appeared just like a horse with somebody riding it.

He was simply astounded when he saw it, like watching what forms clouds take, but this one was just so different.

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