Little Girl Keeps Arriving Late And Exhausted To School, Then Police Check Her Dad’s SUV.

A parent who had recently relocated to Colorado from Oklahoma spotted police officers peering into his car windows. What occurred next astonished him.

In search of a new beginning, James Schweikhard relocated from Oklahoma to Colorado with his 10-year-old daughter.

He loaded everything they had into the vehicle and simply drove here, the father explained. It was more of a risk living in Oklahoma since he couldn’t find work and couldn’t find a place to live.

Schweikhard and his child were compelled to live in his Suburban due to his inability to find work in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the car broke down shortly after they got in Colorado, so they were forced to sleep in the SUV while the dad walked his daughter to school every day.

Because the girl’s school was worried that the dad and daughter were living in a car, they requested that local police check. Lakewood Police Officer James Butler went to the scene to find out for himself.

When the father noticed them gazing at his truck, he asked, ‘Officers, what’s going on?’ Schweikhard stated. The cops replied that they were trying to assist him and the father responded yes to that.

He is not used to obtaining aid from cops, the parent remarked.

Butler desired to assist after hearing Schweikhard’s tale and learning that he had lost his job and his car had died.

Butler stated, it was the proper thing to do. Since any of us may be in that circumstance at any moment in one’s life, assisting another human being is the proper thing to do.

Butler and other Lakewood Police officers were able to assist the dad and daughter in finding a place to stay. They also had Ace Towing transport Schweikhard’s SUV to Sun Valley Automotive for repairs. Both businesses gladly agreed to give their services.

It feels incredibly different to assist somebody one knows is struggling, Sun Valley Automotive owner Jere Burton said.

Officers are also seeking to find permanent homes for Schweikhard and his daughter. The dad is really appreciative of the cops’ assistance.

He thinks it’s amazing and believes it’s very cool, surprising, but really nice, he remarked.

On Facebook, readers offered their reactions to the tale.

“Yet another example of how compassionate most police officers are!” one reader said. “His example should be emulated by everyone, because he made a difference in two lives!” “People like this are the traditional backbone of our nation, and I am proud of them!”

“Oh man, thank you everyone for helping this father and daughter,” another user wrote. “Winter is coming and in Colorado it gets darn cold. Hopefully he will be able to get a job and make a real home for the both of you. Keep up the faith and good luck for both of you.”

We wish this father’s daughter a good and peaceful life. Kudos to the school staff, cops, auto shop owner, and anybody else who lends a helpful hand to this parent. Thank you once again.

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