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CNN Anderson Cooper believed he’d never be able to have a child, but now he’s a joyful dad of two.

Anderson Cooper has been gushing about how much he enjoys parenthood since announcing the arrival of his son, Wyatt, in April 2020. Even changing diapers didn’t seem to faze him.

The CNN anchor shocked his followers by announcing the arrival of his second kid, whom he shares with his ex-partner. Continue reading to witness Cooper’s expanding family and his emotional CNN announcement.

Cooper’s life altered dramatically once he came out as gay in 2012. He is now known as the most renowned out homosexual journalist on American television, and he was the first publicly LGBT individual to moderate a presidential debate.

All of his successes felt little in comparison to the birth of his first kid, Wyatt. On April 27, 2020, he was delivered through surrogate, and Cooper announced his arrival three days later in a poignant Instagram post.

He claimed that the kid weighed 7.2 pounds at birth and was named after Cooper’s father, Wyatt Emory Cooper, who died when Cooper was 10 years old. Morgan, Wyatt’s middle name, is a family name from Cooper’s mother’s side.

He revealed that he chose Morgan as a result of the list of names his parents produced while they were trying to think of a name for him five decades ago.

Cooper honored the homosexual individuals who came before him, the professionals who assisted in Wyatt’s birth, and the baby’s “amazing” surrogate mother. Cooper stated it always bothered him when he was 12 years old and realized he was homosexual and worried about his life because he thought, he would never be able to have a baby.

Cooper prepared for fatherhood by purchasing several parenting books. But he never read them. Despite the fact that he has not followed through on some of his earlier intentions, he believes he is “doing alright.”

He didn’t want Wyatt to see a screen gadget till he was “30,” but that wasn’t going to happen. Phones are now “fascinating” to the toddler. Cooper didn’t want to use the phone with his child nearby, yet he has also failed at it.

Fortunately, the newscaster has enjoyed every aspect of parenthood, even watching Wyatt open his eyes and smile in the mornings and changing diapers.

Most parents struggle with diapers, yet Cooper does not. Cooper believes that altering them is “nice” and “not that difficult,” but one of the things he admires most about Wyatt is how he connects with people.

Cooper would go about and stare at folks when he took his kid out. The boy would chuckle whenever they made eye contact. Cooper finds everything his son does extremely charming.

He knows Wyatt will grow up and refuses to let him kiss him or even hold his hand, so he wants to “touch his stomach” as much as he can before that occurs.

In September, the CNN journalist indicated that having another kid was not out of the question, mostly because giving Wyatt a sibling would be “wonderful.”

Cooper loves his kids and comes from an affluent and renowned family (his mother was actress and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt), but he will not leave his inheritance to them.

He acknowledged that his children would not receive a “pot of riches,” but that, like Vanderbilt did for him, everything would be paid for until college. His children’s future will thereafter be in their own hands.

Cooper, who allegedly earns over $12 million per year from his CNN contract, stated that inheriting millions is a burden as it could destroy a person’s ambition to excel.

Cooper startled his CNN audience on February 10, 2022, by announcing the birth of his second kid. Cooper continued, as photographs of Wyatt flashed across the screen that if he appears especially joyful in this photograph, it is because he now has a newborn brother, Sebastian, whom he would like all to meet.

Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper weighed 6.8 pounds when he was born, and Wyatt refers to him as Luke. Cooper finds his baby’s “occasional hiccups” endearing, admitting that he is already a “smart and considerate little man.”

The CNN anchor expressed gratitude to the physicians and nurses who assisted in the birth of his child and delivered a touching letter to his son’s surrogate. He praised her and her family for their efforts and the love they showed Sebastian.

Cooper has felt his late mother, father, and brother looking over his family in recent months, and he now feels their love for Sebastian.

Cooper never ruled out having a second child, but the baby announcement surprised his admirers since he hadn’t stated he was expecting another child.

Cooper confessed Sebastian had “a lot more hair” than Wyatt when he was born after claiming he was more calmer with his second child. He stated that he will be taking the next several weeks off to spend time with his family.

Wyatt and Sebastian are shared by Cooper and his closest friend and ex-partner, Benjamin Maisani. To distinguish the two, Wyatt refers to Cooper as “daddy” and Maisani as “papa.”

Maisani is adopting Wyatt to make things legal, so the boy’s surname will soon be Maisani-Cooper.

Maisani is a nightclub magnate from France. He owns four New York clubs: two in the East Village, one in Hell’s Kitchen, and one in Williamsburg.

Cooper and Maisani announced their breakup in March 2018 – they had been together for over a decade. Cooper, on the other hand, admitted that they remained close friends and would continue to share much of their lives. What a lovely family!

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