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Reba McEntire’s Only Son Wed – Fans’ Hearts ‘Exploded’ as She Danced with Him at Dream Wedding.

Reba McEntire and producer Narvel Blackstock divorced after 26 years of marriage. Shelby Blackstock is the former couple’s son.

The grounds for the divorce are unclear, but the country singer confessed that it was not her decision.

McEntire stated that she would never want to quit her marriage, but she did not want to be the cause of her husband’s suffering.

The singer stated that her religion, friends, and family had supported her through this difficult period. Nevertheless, her son’s engagement provided an opportunity to let go of the turmoil and revel in the excitement and happiness of the wedding.

Shelby Blackstock, a former racing car driver, proposed to his long-term love Marissa Branch in January 2021 in front of Spaceship Earth at Disney’s Epcot amusement park. This is a memorable site for the couple since it is where Shelby first said “I love you.”

Branch, a social media influencer and certified esthetician, and her fiance Shelby married in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The wedding was indeed stunning, with fireworks and Walt Disney’s architecture serving as the backdrop for their promise ceremony. It was a true Cinderella story.

But it was appropriate since the couple thought their love story to be magical as well. Branch and Shelby met on Tinder yet remained friends for a time before they started dating.

Their friends felt they were a terrific fit, however the pair hadn’t realized it yet, according to Branch. But, as they grew older, it became clear that they had something unique in common, and they even referred to their narrative as “Tinderella.”

Branch also stated that they would not have valued one other enough if they had dated before taking the time to mature and learn the value of a real partnership.

Branch and Shelby were accompanied by family and friends when they made their “Tinderella” story a lifetime commitment, including McEntire’s new boyfriend Rex Linn and Shelby’s half-brother Brandon.

Branch and her family have fond recollections of Walt Disney’s place. According to the influencer, her mother used to work there as a child, supervising the Small World ride. It was her grandmother’s favorite. She died in 2006, when she was in middle school, at the age of 57. She was her rock, and her death hit Branch hard.

Branch’s grandma was honored throughout the wedding ceremony. The bride had her flower girls walk to the song “It’s a Small World,” which brought tears to her mother’s eyes. Branch was positive that her Nana was there to guide her through this life-changing event.

The bride desired to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and she claimed she was most delighted to walk down the aisle to “Tale as Old as Time” from “Beauty and the Beast.”

The music, according to the influencer, symbolized the magical moment of heading to the altar and discovering her soon-to-be spouse waiting for her.

Shelby stated that the turmoil surrounding the Cinderella wedding’s planning might be transformed into a sitcom.

What is crucial, though, is the family’s love. Branch wished her mother-in-law a happy birthday, calling her gentle, gorgeous, tough, bright, loving, and honestly amazing.

McEntire and Branch had a deep bond before she married her son, which puts Branch and her husband at ease about their new existence.

Having a mom who is also a successful singer means that wedding guests will be treated to a surprise concert. The country music diva upped the ante during the Cinderella wedding by performing her classic “Fancy.”

Another memorable moment during the reception occurred when McEntire and her son danced to another of her songs, 2005’s “You’re Gonna Be (Always Loved by Me).”

@rebamcentirefan #reba #fyp @Reba McEntire @Shelby Blackstock ♬ original sound – REBA MCENTIRE FAN

The song was unique since it is about a mom who has unconditional love for her kid irrespective of life’s obstacles.

A wedding guest and pianist Zach McCabe filmed the wonderful time between the singer and her kid, and it left fans’ hearts overflowing. McEntire later sang the song on her own.

Shelby and Brandon’s Cinderella fairytale wedding was more of an expression of all the major milestones in each of the couple’s lives, making all extra special and unforgettable.

Shelby and Branch believe that as they embark on this new phase, they will realize that a partnership may have ups and downs, but what matters most are the compromises.

They also desire to romanticize the mundane, such as taking out the garbage or recalling one another’s coffee order.

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