She paid $600,000 to be Kim Kardashian, and now is spending $120,000 to ‘detransition.’

She is no longer interested in keeping up with the Kardashians.

A former Versace model who spent over $600,000 on procedures to transform herself into a Kim Kardashian look-alike has now paid $120,000 to “detransition” back to her previous appearance.

Jennifer Pamplona, 29, underwent more than 40 cosmetic operations over the course of 12 years in an attempt to look like the reality star — only to discover that her joy was only skin deep.

People started calling her a Kardashian, and it got irritating, the Brazilian-born beauty. She had worked, studied, and run a business. In her personal life, she had done all of these things and had all of these accomplishments, yet she was only being noticed since she appeared like a Kardashian.

Pamplona had her first surgery when she was 17 years old, in 2010. Kardashian was only starting to become a big name at the time. Pamplona grew obsessed with procedures that made her seem like a newly minted A-lister after her first.

Three rhinoplasties and eight surgeries on her bottom, involving butt implants and fat injections, were among her more than 40 treatments to mimic Kardashian’s supersized booty.

Her makeover into Kardashian’s doppelgänger immediately gained her international recognition, and she was even highlighted in The Washington Post. The stunning model amassed over a million Instagram followers, but contentment did not follow.

Pamplona finally admitted, after years of agony, that she was struggling from body dysmorphia and desired to regain her natural appearance.

She found a doctor in Istanbul who said he could assist her regain her previous look.

She saw how she would appear on the computer beforehand, and it felt like she was having a rebirth, she explained.

The surgeries were not cheap, with the beauty shelling out six figures for the procedure she recently underwent.

All at once, she underwent a face and neck lift, buccal fat reduction, cat eye surgery, a lip lift, and a nose job, she explained. She entered the operating room as one individual and emerged as another.

Pamplona, on the other hand, experienced issues during the “detransition” procedure, claiming she was “bleeding from her cheeks” for three days after contracting an infection.

She believed she was going to die, she said. She was wondering, what the heck has she done with her life?

Fortunately, the brunette is on the mend, but the final outcome of the treatment remains to be seen, since she still has considerable swelling and bruises.

However, the courageous Brazilian stated that she already understands the excruciating treatment was worthwhile.

The finest feeling is realizing she is no longer fighting with herself, Pamplona remarked. She is now who she wanted to be, and she now realizes what it is to live.

Pamplona is now posting pictures taken after her “detransition” operation in an effort to expose the terrible truth about cosmetic treatments.

There are individuals who make it [surgery] appear wonderful on Instagram, yet life isn’t ideal, and being obsessed with surgery isn’t a good thing, she continued, adding she is working on a documentary exposing the risks of the procedures named “Addiction.”

The model has also collaborated with a doctor to establish a foundation in Brazil to assist people suffering from body dysmorphia.

She believes that she can assist a large number of individuals with her life experience, she explained, but her face is lovely and now she seems even more beautiful.

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