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VIDEO: Cocky Guy Flexes Muscles In Front Of Fit Woman, Gets Humiliated.

“Flex Cam” is similar to Kiss Cam, but better. We’ve all seen the embarrassment brought by the “Kiss Cam” during sports events. When a whole stadium encourages two individuals to grope each other, it makes for some uncomfortable situations. These Kiss Cam moments will live on in infamy after endangering many relationships.

Since the Kiss Cam forces individuals to demonstrate love in public that they may not be comfortable with, several stadiums have opted to do away with them. Nevertheless, the Flex Cam that took their place has the potential to humiliate supporters just as much. One cocky fan discovered this the hard way when he felt his physique was worthy of acclaim.

As the “Flex Cam” replaced the customary “Kiss Cam,” a guy was presented with a chance to flaunt his firearms. He enthusiastically answered the call when the spotlight flashed on him, prompting him to show off his muscles, seeming all too enthusiastic and likely aiming to impress the females behind him. One would think that without the humiliating pressure to be physically intimate with the fan in the next seat, the Flex Cam would be a lot more enjoyable for all, but this man was about to regret thinking he had anything to boast about.

Many leapt to their feet as the Flex Cam began, ready to flex for the camera. The camera moved from one part of the bleachers to another until it came to rest on a big man in a tight t-shirt sitting in front of two lovely young ladies. He seemed to be really excited to show off for the crowd at first. He leapt to his feet and struck several body-builder positions. Then, unexpectedly, a dose of humility slapped him in the face.

His reactions revealed that he really believed he was “the man.” Sadly for him, “the lady” was standing directly behind him. When the man put on quite a show for the camera, the lovely brunette who had been sitting calmly amused behind him stepped up, shrugged off her jacket, and put him to shame.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this?” said the delighted announcer as he saw the lady take off her jacket. “Oh my gosh!” he said as her biceps swelled. “Holy cow!! “You’ve been stoned, my brother!” he continued, laughing at the macho guy’s humiliating situation, who turned around to find that the woman’s muscles were larger and better than his.

He gazed up at her, astonished, before turning around and resuming his seat, his chin on his palm, a defeated expression on his face. He realized he’d been outgunned, but the bicep beauty wasn’t done yet. She stretched and leaned over him, reveling in her triumph and ensuring he was well aware he had been defeated at his own game.

All the man could do was grin, realizing he’d met his equal, but nothing is always as it seems. There’s a reason why he doesn’t seem to mind getting thrashed by this lady in particular. The scene, it turns out, was planned. Micah Macbeth, a strength and conditioning coach, is the guy in the video. The lady flexing her muscles is his fiancée, Anne Marie Aponte. Yet Macbeth insists that his response was real. He, however, said that it wasn’t an act. He ‘d never seen her flex before and was extremely astonished when he watched her do it.

It’s still the type of footage you’ll want to watch more than once to admire not just the woman’s muscles and the guy’s look when he realizes he’s been humiliated, but also to get a peek at the reactions on the faces of people surrounding them. The reactions were priceless, as was the lesson. You may believe you are the largest and baddest person in the room, but there is always someone larger. You’d best be cautious, as they might be close behind you, waiting to serve you a heaping dish of humble pie. Moreover, they may be your better half.

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