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WA State Homeowner Shoots And Kills Home Intruder: ‘I Have The Right To Carry And I Have The Right To Protect Myself’

On a Thursday morning in Spanaway, Washington, Jeremy Smith, a 31-year-old homeowner, was notified of a possible break-in when two males kicked down his rear door, attempting to enter his house. Jeremy called the police at 4:20 a.m. to report an attempted burglary, according to Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Darren Moss. But, by the time the cops arrived, one guy had died.

Jeremy told the operator that two men had kicked down his door, which seemed to be an attempt to get into his home. Rather of allowing the intruders to enter, the homeowner said he armed himself and shot his own revolver at the two suspects. Jeremy had excellent aim, which was unlucky for at least one of the invaders.

When officers arrived at the house on A Street E and 165th Street E, they discovered a 24-year-old guy in the front yard. He died of a gunshot wound when the homeowner fired at the two invaders, killing one of them. Police searched the area for the second suspect but were unable to find him.

Jeremy said of the event that he took action on it, which regrettably meant killing one life, and the other one fled. Jeremy said the situation was sad, but he also sent a strong message to anyone thinking about breaking into a home. He told would-be burglars that homeowners have the right to protect themselves and their property.

Jermey said that he has the right to carry, the right to defend himself, and the right to protect his property. He is not sure what they intended out of this place, he is not sure what they were doing, he continued, and he’s correct. When someone knocks on one’s door, one should not have to pause to inquire about their intentions or how one may assist them.

Although most gun owners agree and claim they would do the same, Jeremy is quick to point out that one never knows what one would do until one is in such a circumstance.

While no arrests were made instantly, police said that the event would be investigated as a murder. Officials cautioned, though, that the inquiry may reveal that the homeowner was acting in self-defense. Meanwhile, they were looking for the second suspect in the incident, who had left the area and was still on the loose. It was unclear if the second suspect was hurt.

Jeremy Smith, who was not hurt, claims he was right in protecting himself and his family, and if his memory of events is correct, I have to concur. Individuals who are willing to kick down doors at 4 a.m. are usually not nice folks, and an innocent homeowner should not have to wait to find out how far the invader is ready to go. Frankly, I’d rather write about a dead invader than a dead or wounded homeowner who may have been afraid to protect themselves. So, here’s to a narrative with a happy conclusion, in my opinion.

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