Construction Worker Was Left Without Words With The Passerby’s Reply To His Question.

There was a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood. I would always wave at the guys working on the homes as I walked by each day on my daily power walk. I felt like I half way knew these construction workers because I saw them every morning. This particular morning I smiled and waved like always, when one of the men yelled, “Wait a minute, we have a question to ask you.” I was surprised and wondered what they could possibly want to ask me. I stopped and waited. A burly man walked out to the street and said, “Hi, my name is John. The guys and I have been talking about you. We want to know where you get all your energy.” I felt John was no doubt expecting me to say something like, “From all the coffee I drink.” Although I did drink coffee, I knew exactly where my energy came from. “Do I dare tell him the truth?” I quickly thought.

I looked John straight in the eye and said, “Do you really want to know where my energy comes from?” John said he really did, so this is what I told him. “Well, you see, John, I spend one on one time with the Creator of the Universe before I come out to walk each day.” John looked like I had hit him with a ton of bricks then said, “How would that give you energy?” I explained, “The way I see it is that God keeps the whole Universe energized. If I spend one on one time with Him, I’ll be energized too.” With a look of enlightenment, John said, “I can see that it’s working. I’ll have to give it a try.”

I thought our conversation was over when John said, “When you are spending time with the Creator, will you talk to Him about me? I have cancer.” I certainly wasn’t expecting this. I told him that I would pray. I then walked back home and found some Christian pamphlets that I thought would be helpful. I drove back to the site and gave them to John. Later on in the week, he came out to the road again when I was walking by. John told me that he had gone down to the VFW and shared what I told him with the “boys at the bar.” John said he had even given out some of the pamphlets I had given him.

I could see that the Lord not only used me to share His love to John, but He also used John, to share with the “boys at the bar. I was thankful that I had spent one on one time with the Creator of the Universe, where all energy comes from. I was energized that day in more ways than one.

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