Husband’s Reaction When Her Pregnant Wife Puked On The Carpet At Midnight.

Source: Reddit

During her first pregnancy, my wife vomited brown, congealed blood every night for her entire second trimester. We went to multiple doctors and took a few trips to the E.R., never got a reason why. The vomiting happened every night after midnight, sometimes continuing sporadically for 8 hours. Don’t know why, but it never happened during the daytime.

One night, she thought she was finally doing better, so she went to sleep early and seemed fine. Then suddenly around 1:00 AM, she jolted awake (which instantly woke me) and tried to run to the bathroom to puke, forgetting the puke bucket on her bedside table in her moment of panic. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell on her side (nothing hit her belly) and puked blood all over the carpet. She immediately started sobbing.

That poor woman went through such a rough time.

So I carefully picked her up, took her to the bathroom, held her hair back while she finished throwing up, then cleaned her face and got her some water to rinse her mouth out. I carried her to bed and then got to work cleaning up the carpet.

We were just kids, still in college together. Those three months of misery galvanized our relationship. Nothing serious has ever come between us in the years since.

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