Son Explain Why His Dad Left His First Wife And Married His Mom.

Source: Reddit

Not me but my dad. He got back from his honeymoon and went back to work. He came home and something felt off when he walked in the door. She wasn’t there when he got home from work, which was very odd for her since she got off work earlier than him and was always home when he got back. When she got back he mentioned that it was out-of-the-ordinary that she had been out and asked if she went somewhere. He wasn’t accusatory, just curious because it never happened, but she dodged his questions at first. Eventually after he got suspicious of her dodging a simple question, she admitted that she’d quit her job, and when he asked why, she said she didn’t need to work. So she was planning on using him as her cash cow. He doesn’t remember how the conversation went exactly since it was 30 years ago.

He tried counselling and asked her to get her job back but she always brushed him off and never took him seriously. He threw in the towel 7 months later and she started trying to fix things, but it had been 7 months of him trying to fix things and she had no interest.

So he filed for divorce and went on to achieve his lifelong dream: he dated and then married his middle school crush, my mom. 28 years strong.

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