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Convicted Murderer Alex Murdaugh Is Receiving A Lot Of Love Letters While He Is In Prison.

While doing time in jail for the killings of his wife and children, Alex Murdaugh reportedly got a slew of love letters. Several of the letters include declarations of love from women. Others have even assumed he is innocent of the killings, thinking that he knows the truth but is reluctant to disclose it.

“I think I love you,” Nicollete K. said in a letter. This letter was reportedly addressed to Murdaugh when he was being imprisoned at the Kirkland Correctional Institution on March 12. “I think about you all day, every day. I swear on my life that I’ll never say a single word to anyone important or not important. I genuinely care for you.”

“You didn’t murder your family, someone else did, and you don’t want to tell anybody,” Destiny H. said in another letter.

“If you want to chat, I’m available. Maybe you will rant. XXLacie, “Another one was read.

Murdaugh received two consecutive life sentences after being convicted of killing his 52-year-old wife and 22-year-old son in 2021. It was suggested that he kill his family to buy time and sympathy since some of his financial sins were likely to come to light. Murdaugh, on the other hand, has maintained his innocence.

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