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Teen Left Fighting For Her Life After Casual Walk Took A Terrifying Turn When She Was Chased And Attacked By Pit Bulls.

Joslyn Stinchcomb, a 15-year-old ardent walker from Barrow County, Georgia, went out for a walk in her Winder neighborhood on a Friday afternoon when her stroll turned tragic. Joslyn was pursued and assaulted while on what should have been a nice excursion, and the whole event left her battling for her life in critical care at an Atlanta hospital.

A witness saw Joslyn being pursued and assaulted by a pair of pit bulls, according to a Barrow County Sheriff’s report. As the dogs caught up with her, they started savagely mauling her, leaving her face down against a curb, where she was discovered by a sheriff’s deputy. As the constable arrived, one of the dogs was clutching Joslyn’s neck while the other bit her head.

One of the dogs charged the constable as he stepped out of his truck. He shot it in the head, hurting the dog, which then fled away. According to the police report, the second dog let go of the girl and ran away. Regrettably, the harm had already been done.

Paramedics raced to Joslyn’s rescue, and she was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital by helicopter. She was still struggling for her life three days after the incident and was in serious condition. Joslyn had to be given a tracheostomy and put on a ventilator owing to her trachea being so seriously injured, according to Charity Stinchcomb Montgomery, Joslyn’s aunt, who is serving as a spokesman for the family.

The kid, a freshman at Winder-Barrow High School and a flute player in the Bulldoggs marching band, also had her hair ripped off by one of the dogs. Her family believes she will never be able to regrow her hair. According to the girl’s aunt, she also had lacerations all over her face and torso, as well as nerve damage that may impede her grin, blinking, and other facial movements.

Moreover, Joslyn’s ear was torn off, and although physicians were able to reconnect it, Montgomery said it was unclear if the ear would be viable or if Joslyn would be able to hear with it again. Doctors don’t know whether she will be able to hear out of that ear, Montgomery stated.

Maybe most horrifying is the fact that some of the teen’s wounds show the desperate battle for her life that Joslyn Stinchcomb put up while being assaulted. She also has asphalt in the tips of her fingers, where it looks like she attempted to claw her way away from those dogs, Montgomery stated, offering a graphic picture of Joslyn’s ordeal.

Doctors detected a blood clot in Joslyn’s jugular vein two days after the cruel and deadly assault. There is still so much they don’t know about her injuries, but they know that God knows and that He can heal her, Montgomery said, as the family asked people all over the world to pray for Joslyn, who is undergoing extensive therapy and surgery in the hopes of repairing the nerves in her face, vocal cords, and airway.

The canines in question were eventually found at their owner’s home and brought into custody by Barrow County Animal Control before being euthanized. According to the sheriff, they fled via an open back door. According to the report, the owner, 29-year-old Alexandria Torregrossa, was detained for reckless behavior after returning home.

However, when the family requested assistance with medical expenses, bogus GoFundMe accounts began to appear, demonstrating the tremendous depravity of the society we live in. Her parents (Joslyn’s guardians) have not authorized these accounts; Joslyn’s aunt warned others on Facebook. Please be cautious. It’s terribly sad that someone may use Joslyn’s sorrow for selfish benefit. It is unfortunate.

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