Cop Does The Unthinkable Seeing The Struggling Mother Say No To Her Child For Toys.

“As I was walking into the grocery store with my roommate the other night, this cute little mom parked next to us and we walked passed as she got a screaming toddler and a car seat with a crying baby in it out of the car. As you can imagine and as we were thinking, she definitely has her hands full. As we smiled at her and continued walking we saw a cop get out of his patrol car and walk up to the mom. He asked if he could help and grabbed the little toddlers hand and we watched as they walked in to the grocery store. The cop proceeded to grab a buggy for the mom and told her he hoped she had a great night. She thanked him and they walked their separate ways.

(Fast forward 30 minutes)

As we were walking to the check out I see this all-star mom pushing a buggy with one hand, a baby on her hip in the other, and a toddler trailing behind her footsteps. We watched as the toddler picked up a small toy and asked his mom if he could have it. The mom replied trying to smile but with sadness in her face, ‘I’m sorry baby we can’t get that today.’ The toddler began to cry and followed his mom to the checkout in a puddle of tears. My heart broke in a million pieces for this sweet boy, me and my roommate were contemplating going to get the toy ourselves when we see the same cop walk back up to the little boy and asked him if he still wanted the toy. The boy shook his head yes (still with tears running down his face) and the cop took the boys hand, picked out the toy and proceeded not only to buy the toy but also this moms entire grocery cart of food, We watched in amazement at this super hero cop and his giving heart!

He wasn’t doing it for publicity, or to look ‘good’ he didn’t even have an idea anyone was watching. He was just a good person trying to do something good. And with all this negativity and hate going on, sometimes we need a reminder there are still so many good people in this world! I hope this encourages you as much as is has encouraged me. When you can, lend a helping hand, bless somebody else’s day, or just be kind. We are all here for the same purpose, to be a light in the darkness!

Maybe it’s time we start to spread the love.” ❤

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