Man Shares How This Cop Treated Him For Having An Expired Registration. Worth Reading.

“Got stopped by OFFICER WELSH for an expired registration. He greeted me respectfully, and I gave him my license and the information he asked for (politely). He showed me the exact same respect that I gave him.

As I was about to leave, to continue my 3 hr trip home from work, he told me to have a safe trip home.

I replied that I was praying that I made it home because I had just spent the last of my money in gas, and I wasn’t sure if I’d actually make it.

He told me to follow him back into town, so he could fill up my tank so that I could make it home. After filling up my gas tank, he offered to buy me something to eat and drink.

I, respectfully, declined and thanked him for the offer. We, then, took this picture together, shook hands, and parted ways.

Facebook/Ken Harris

I prayed to JEHOVAH to allow me to make it home without running out of gas. Knowing that I’m doing the best I can, JEHOVAH answered my prayer with this blessing..”

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