Cop Never Expected Kids To Know So Much About His Car.

The following was posted by an officer with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department:

“I met 6-year-old Nicholas and 9-year-old Michael while I was on a traffic stop in the Krenson Woods Subdivision. Nicholas told me he really wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. I had some patches in my car and Nicholas was more than thrilled when I gave it to him. Nicholas had me follow him while he ran home to tell his dad. Nicholas was very educated about the equipment we carry and even told me that in case of emergency I could use my car headrest to break my window!

I told Nicholas that I still have quite a while left before retirement and I would be proud to work with him one day. His face lit up. I’m glad I could meet these two wonderful kids on my shift last night.”

Nicholas and Michael, thank you for spending time with Deputy Sinclair – we can tell you really made an impression on him. Any day that we get to spend time with kids and hear their stories, is a great day – especially when they tell us they want to be police officers. We’ll see you in a few years, when you’re old enough to wear the badge! 

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