Woman Thanks Mystery Trucker Who Stopped At Funeral.

When Mallory Rogers lost a loved one, something happened during the burial that she had to share on Facebook.

This was her post: “I’d like to take some time to thank whoever this truck driver is. Today, we laid my papaw to rest and this sweet man came up on us at the gravesite and even though I’m sure he had loads to carry and places to be, he sat and waited for 20-30 minutes so he wouldn’t interrupt the funeral. Whoever you are thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.”

Elisa Kay Puckett spotted that post, and she recognized the rig in the photo as that belonging to her father, Tim Puckett. So Elisa responded to Mallory’s post to let her know it was her dad, and with that she wrote: “It was no inconvenience for him. It was the right thing to do in his eyes. My dad is a war veteran along with my pawpaw, his dad. As he was coming thru to go get loaded he noticed the funeral procession was there getting ready for the funeral. As he was coming back thru loaded he noticed the funeral had begun. He stopped and shut her down. He waited on the funeral procession to leave before he headed back out.

“He made the statement ‘I was sorry for being as close as I was, but out of respect that was the right thing to do. Something I have done all my life.’ My dad has been a trucker all my life, 28 years. And a lot longer before I was born. He would make the choice of a ditch before hitting a car. He is highly spoken about from many local logger truck drivers. I have never heard an ill word spoken about him. He is one of the few old timers that is willing to teach anyone anything about the ways of the logging world. This act he has done has made me very much proud to be his daughter. As the family of the loved one laid to rest will be in our prayers.” 

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