Cop Notices Man Searching Food In Trash His Reaction Will Bring You To Tears.

There is a lot of talk about keeping one’s faith in humanity. If you’re a person who looks at a glass half empty, maybe it’s time to quench your thirst with something else.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a homeless man was spotted outside a restaurant digging through the trash bins for food. He hadn’t had a meal in quite some time. When Officer Overman came upon him, he told him to stop. But he didn’t tell him that with bad intent. He told the homeless man to come inside the restaurant with him, and he bought him some food.

A Salt Lake City resident, Jonathan Allen, was inside the restaurant when officer Overman brought the homeless man in, and took a photo of the two of them at the ordering counter.

Jonathan posted it on his Facebook page and wrote: “Thanks for extending this friendly act of kindness to less fortunate citizens of Salt Lake City. It was humbling. We need more compassionate people in law enforcement like yourself.”

The police department said Officer Overman set a great example for the department, writing on Twitter: “We are proud of our officers and the compassionate service they offer our community everyday!”

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