Employees Pays For The Customers When They Realize They Forget Their Wallets.

Sydney and Marg Wells stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Clarenville, Canada, one recent night and gave their order at the first window. But they both quickly realized they had left their wallets at home.

The woman asked the person at the window to hold their order and they would run home to get the money to pay for it. But that person in the window… Kris Knickle… told the couple to go ahead and pull up to the second window, as he took his wallet out and paid the $23 for their order. The couple argued with him about but Kris won out.

Once they were home, the couple immediately posted about the kind gesture by Kris, and that that was money that means a lot to any young person working at a drive-thru.

A few days later, because of the post, Kris was featured on a morning TV talk show for his deed, saying he was happy to help and that he enjoys it when he can do something good for others. 

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