Kind Woman Just Grabbed The Dog And Put Her In The Truck.

Terri Pellman of Sangamon County, Illinois, had three dogs of her own, and she wasn’t looking to add a fourth. But for the past 4 years, she would drive past a field almost every day…. and every day she would see a dog out there all alone.

No one claimed ownership of him and he wouldn’t let anyone get close enough to him to be friendly. Even animal crews couldn’t get close to him. There was a rumor throughout the community that a homeless man had owned the dog, but he died sometime back. So Terri decided she would try to befriend the dog and The dog DID NOT make that easy; kept running away from her. But she kept trying every day. And after about a month, the dog started inching closer and closer to her. Then, when a car drove by and scared the dog, it got close to Terri.

The next day, Terri made a bold move and grabbed the dog, picked it up and put it in her truck. He never once growled… just let Terri do what she was doing. Terri named the dog Sandy, and it has adjusted well to the other animals in her house. Terri wanted to make sure that lonely dog was cared for, and that’s exactly what she’s been doing ever since. 

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