Good Samaritan Adds Extra Cash To The Lost Wallet And Then Returns To Its Rightful Owner.

A good Samaritan is hard to find… sometimes.

Laura Diers happened to spot the derelict dark brown leather wallet along the westbound entrance ramp to U.S. Highway 30 in Ames, Iowa — partially unfolded in a “V” shape, sitting on its side. The first unlikely thing she did was stop to investigate and pick it up. “I guess there wasn’t a ton of thought behind it,” she said.

Inside the wallet Diers found: The driver’s license and college ID for freshman Wes Monroe. A recent receipt for some pricey text books. The high school senior photo of Monroe’s girlfriend, Shelby Spencer. There were no debit or credit cards or cash. So Diers’ next move was rarer still: She not only mailed the wallet to the address on the driver’s license but composed a thoughtful letter of advice and tucked a $10 bill inside.

She even promised that her bible study group of about a dozen worshippers at Cornerstone Church in Ames would pray for him. Diers figured that college students always need money and encouragement. She Googled Monroe and read through his Facebook profile: He seemed like a “really nice kid.” “I know it’s not much, but it’s always nice to have a little extra cash,” she wrote in the letter. “Enjoy a drink with a friend or put a drop of gas in your car.”

Diers, 41, is the mother of four kids in Boone, ranging in age from a toddler to a high school junior. “I’ve been in those positions where it would’ve been really nice to get some encouragement from somebody,” she explained. But she also wondered, “Maybe he’ll think I’m just some crazy lady!”

The wallet arrived a little later at Monroe’s home address in Johnston, much to the delight of the college student’s mother — her faith in humanity restored. 

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