Cop Who Wasn’t Home For 6 Days CRIED When He Got This Call.

Sometimes, our birthdays can make us get a little emotional, for one reason or another…. like… getting older.

August 31st – When Houston police sergeant Nick Matson’s birthday came around last year, he was pretty busy. He had just spent the last week away from the security and comfort of his home helping others in dire need after Hurricane Harvey.

Twitter/Nick Matson

It was his city, and it was his duty to do whatever he could to rescue and keep people safe from the Category 4 storm that devastated the area.

One day of helping people blended into the next… and the next. And, with so much going on, it was hard to keep track of what day it was. Nick hardly even realized that it was his birthday. But when his phone rang, his 4-year-old daughter gave him every reason to remember that it was.

The little girl sang Happy Birthday to her dad, and after all the hard work Nick had done in helping others, he finally let it all out and cried as his sweet daughter sang to him. It was certainly a special moment for Nick, and the video of it has gone viral. 

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