Little Girl Who Lost Her Grandma Writes Heartbreaking Letter.

With the loss of someone special, some people take comfort in writing them notes and sending them skyward attached to balloons. And sometimes, amazing things – if not downright miracles – can happen.

Minnie Sue Watts died in August of 2012, and her great-granddaughter, Bella, just hated that. The little girl from Chapel Hill, Tennessee, loved her great-grandma so much and missed her more than anything. And just before Minnie died, she hugged her sweet great-granddaughter and told her… that she loved her.

After she passed, Bella Knew she was in Heaven, but her pain was so heavy… too heavy for a young child. She awoke every day thinking about her great-grandma, and she went to bed at night sending special prayers up to her.

After a while, Bella felt she needed to get a real message to her great-grandma Minnie. So she wrote her a letter, and, with the help of her mom, Tricia, attached it to a helium balloon… and they let go of it. The two watched as it drifted past the fields and trees and up toward the sky into a sea of clouds. And then, it was gone.

Young Bella’s note was short and sweet. It read: “Tell Mawmaw I love her and to come visit soon. Love, Bella.”

Bella was just sure her message would reach her great-grandma; at least, she hoped it would. Well, life went on for Bella after that, playing games and doing the things that little girls do. And then, after several months had gone by, a mysterious package arrived for Bella in the mail. It was wrapped in brown paper and inside it was a box.

On TOP of that box was the balloon that Bella had sent off to her great-grandma many months before… and THERE was that note that Bella had attached to it. And on the BACK on her note… was a message for the little girl.

It read: “Dearest Bella. Mawmaw is always with you. Just close your eyes and you will see her.” It was signed: “Love, your guardian angel.”

And after opening the box, Bella and her mom hugged each other and cried for several minutes. Tricia had no explanation for the note or the contents of the box. She only knew that life was full of amazing times… and this was truly one of them.

Inside that box was a beautiful heart-shaped silver locket, where the young girl can keep a picture of her mawmaw close to her heart. And it’s something that Bella will treasure for the rest of her life.

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