Waitress Saves Her Customer’s Life By Donating Her Own Kidney.

Mariana Villareal was a waitress at a Hooters in Georgia. One day, while serving a customer she had never met before, she learned that he had lost both kidneys. Now, I’m not a doctor by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I didn’t think you could go into a Hooters without kidneys… or anywhere else for that matter…

Anyway, Mariana told that customer, Don Thomas, that she had two kidneys and asked if he wanted one of them. Don was quite shocked at her offer. Was she just kidding and trying to make light of things? Turns out, she was not kidding.

Mariana’s grandmother died some years before from kidney failure, and she felt helpless at the time. So tests were done and Mariana, indeed, gave Don one of her kidneys.

Says the young woman: “If Don can live two more years, happy as he’s ever been, that’s fine with me.”

And the two have been the best of friends ever since. 

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