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Country Singer Clay Walker Reveals He And Wife Jessica Suffered A Miscarriage At 20 Weeks.

Clay Walker and his wife, Jessica Craig, revealed in early April that they were expecting their sixth child. The couple and family were frantically making preparations for a new addition to the family.

Jessica, sadly, miscarried at 20 weeks. This was verified by Clay to People magazine. The whole family is upset and had not anticipated this. They are relying on their Christian faith to help them through this difficult time.

The entire family had been waiting for the baby, and it was a huge blow. They had her room set up, her clothes purchased — everything, and her name was Eleanora Lindsey, Clay recounted. So it was and still is a nightmare for his wife. They were 20 weeks in and had already made it through the most difficult period. They’ve had five gorgeous kids as well as five wonderful full-term pregnancies. It’s difficult.

Clay and Jessica have five kids. They have four boys — Christiaan, two; Ezra, five; Elijah, ten; and William, fourteen — and one daughter, Mary-Elizabeth, thirteen. Clay has two adult children from his former marriage to Lori Jayne Lampson, Skylor and MaClay.

Clay and Jessica are receiving help from their community and finding strength in their beliefs. Clay feels he could help his wife more.

Clay remarked that they have a great friend group that has been there for them, as well as a lot of prayer. They’ve done a lot of praying in their house. He does not know how mothers go on living with that kind of pain for the rest of their lives.And, not being able to do anything about it—not being able to safeguard his wife’s emotions or the kid’s—hurts.

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