Couple Admitted They Sleep Separately, Gone Viral Inviting People’s Opinions.

Chrissy and Tom Clark, a married couple of 16 years who of late went viral on TikTok for sharing that they sleep in isolated rooms. Chrissy shared that she and her husband began sleeping in isolated beds after she became sick and developed an insistent cough.

She said that because of her cough, one of them would end up sleeping on the couch or in the guest bedroom. But once the cough went away, they found that they loved their new sleeping arrangements.

Listing out the various reasons, Chrissy said that she need a dark room while her husband sleeps better with natural light. She sleeps better on a steady bed and on the other hand, her husband loves the pillow top. The couple had tried more than a few mattresses over the years and could never find one that they both loved.  

She further revealed that sleeping in individual beds has not only enriched their sleep but their marriage as well. She is not irritable and neither is her husband. They still hug in bed and watch TV but when it is time to sleep, Tom will go to his separate bedroom.  

Despite the fact that this works incredibly well for the couple, not everyone is influenced. A massive discussion started on TikTok after Chrissy responded to a woman who said that society needs to start normalizing couples sleeping in separate bedrooms.

@tiktockchrissy #stitch with @liddylidds we have been married for almost 14 years! We both need our beauty sleep 😴 #fyp #marriedlife #seperatebeds ♬ Claire de Lune – Ave Maria

In the viral video that’s been watched more than a million times, she began by showing off her husband’s room and then she shared her own.

Quickly, an argument started in the comments, with people sharing their thoughts on sleeping arrangements.

Many shared that sleeping together is essential for a good marriage. Some says that there’s a certain intimacy when sleeping and waking up next to your partner. One person even questioned the point of being married if you can’t sleep next to them.

Then there were people like Chrissy and Tom, who, without a glitch, just good with such sleep arrangements which can be called as “sleep divorce.” Many shared their own stories of sleeping away from their partner, counting the benefits that they’ve gained.

One user commented that they got a sleep divorce years ago. They both sleep better now. The user said that her husband snores and it was separate rooms, else she going to prison for suffocating her husband in his sleep. One more user wrote that they’ve been sleeping alone for 21 years.

Some of the explanations users spoken that they do this because of snoring, their partner stealing the blankets, one person working night shifts, one person wanting to watch TV before bed and so on.

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