Mother Drove Dead Children to Police Station After Amber Alert Issued.

Amber Pasztor, 29, of Fort Wayne, suspect of gravely smothering her two young children. She told a judge in a handwritten note that she is guilty and all set to agree to take life in jail. Amber faces two counts of murder in homicides of seven-year-old Liliana Hernandez and six-year-old Rene Pasztor. The children were murdered after kidnapped from their custodial grandparents’ home.

Amber’s attorneys are looking to present a defense of mental disease, saying they believe she cannot entirely realize the legal actions or help prepare her defense. However in the note, Amber said that she was very much capable and would reject to see another doctor for mental health assessments. 

In her handwritten note, Amber wrote – “I made a lot of bad decisions in my life but this one really did it. I am guilty and I accept my consequences thank you so much for your time”.

Amber, also drug addict, has also confessed to critically shooting her neighbor, Frank Macomber, 65 and taking his car. Though she has not been accused in his death but prosecuting attorney have said she is suspicious. Investigators consider that Frank was gunshot the very same day the children were murdered. Frank’s body was found the next day in a wooded area near Fort Wayne. 

As per the investigators, Amber parked a car outside the Elkhart Police Department hours after the children were abducted and told an officer that her children’s bodies were in the back seat of the car.

She revealed that that she decided to assassinate her children after hearing an Amber Alert for them. She said she killed the children so that they would be safe in heaven.

The kids’ bodies were found in the back of a car five hours after authorities hand out an Amber Alert subsequent to their abduction from their grandparents’ home. Authorities said that the kids were supposed to be in great danger.

But the suspect said that the Amber Alert did not protect their lives, but did just the opposite. She said that she was terrified and killed her kids. She has a third child that she left behind. 

Amber Pasztor also said that she shot her neighbour, Frank Macomber and took his car. She said she agreed to have sex with him in a wooded area and then shot him with his own gun and discarded the gun in a Michigan river. 

Prosecutors are looking for a life sentence without bail for Amber Pasztor. Her father said that all he want to say to his daughter who did this, that she is not his daughter any longer and he want her to burn. Her mother has said that she was not surprised to learn of the charges against her daughter, whom she labeled as criminal.

Amber’s parents said that they thought she was crazy and had lost custody of her two children more than a year ago due to drug addiction.

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