Entitled Husband Won’t Reheat Dinner Himself, Wakes Up His Sleeping Wife To Laugh In Her Face.

Chores are a touchy issue in many homes. Quite often, one partner ends up handling the majority of the housework—from cooking and cleaning to child care—while the other gets by with an excuse that they work all day and don’t have the energy to help around the house. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, the relationship becomes so poisonous that disagreements about duties aren’t even about tasks. They involve one spouse attempting to exert dominance over the other. Here is a similar story. Do read the story and let us know what you think about the whole situation.

Source: Reddit

I’m a stay at home mom with 2 kids (3yrs old & 6months old) My husband is an ambulance driver, he works odd hours and comes home unexpectedly, he expects dinner or lunch ready whenever he gets home, whether I’m sleeping or busy with the kids. It’s exhausting but I do it because I know how hard he works.

After struggling with this for long, my mom suggested that I start pre-making meals so that dinner or lunch can be ready when he’s home, all he’s gotta do is just reheat it. I immediately got to it and went grocery shopping and spent an entire 2 days making meals and storing them in the fridge. His response to this idea is “whatever”. I was sort of relieved cause now I could sleep properly, the kids care won’t get interrupted etc.

Well, at 11pm last night, he came home while I’m sleeping after putting the baby to sleep. I woke up to him shouting for me from the living room. I rush out and ask what was happening and he tells me he’s hungry and wants dinner. I tell him it’s in the fridge and just needs to be reheated and he didn’t have to wake me up for it. He tells me I need to reheat it for him. I say no, not happening and he needs to reheat his own dinner. He started laughing sarcastically which got me mad. He then tells me I’m ridiculous to assume that after working no stop for an entire shift that he should be “expected” to do a chore aka reheat dinner himself, when I’m here and I can do it. I start arguing with him after he complains I’m not doing enough and refuse to reheat it then I go back inside the bedroom and shut the door.

He comes an hour later yelling about how I’ve basically made him almost pass out from hunger just cause I’m petty trying to prove a point, I tell him he’s being unreasonable to expect me to reheat his dinner when he could do it himself. He gives me a nasty look then tells me he’s going to bed hungry and I’m responsible for this then heads out. This morning he silently gets dressed and leaves while turning his phone off. Do you think her request is reasonable aka reheat dinner himself? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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