Couple Crushed In Mangled Truck, Woman Spots Smiling Man At Her Window.

Arika Stovall was a passenger in her boyfriend Hunter’s truck when it went off the road and smashed into a post at 75 mph, turning the once-mighty machine into a heap of scrap metal with Arika trapped inside. Arika stated that the impact should have cut their bodies in two, yet she was still alive and able to open her eyes.

Arika was convinced she and Hunter were on the verge of death only seconds before the hit. Hunter had just three seconds to react as the vehicle veered off the road, slamming head-on into a concrete pillar. His split-second reply would either save or end their lives. Fortunately, Hunter did precisely what he wanted to do to ensure his life didn’t end, Arika said. Yet she is aware that he did not act alone.

God helped Hunter react precisely as he did behind the wheel, steering the vehicle exactly where he should have to avoid ramming head-on into the pillar, Arika posted on Facebook. It doesn’t happen by chance. God doesn’t just toss protection around for no purpose. He does it because he isn’t done with them. It wasn’t the only thing God performed that day.

Arika couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what happened next. Arika panicked and started to cry since they were trapped and no one could see that they badly needed aid. Her gaze darted across the room, initially settling on the driver’s seat. Hunter, whose head was through the windscreen, was still and unresponsive.

Arika felt powerless since Hunter was injured and lifeless, yet everything changed the moment she saw out the vehicle window. There was a guy, brilliant and with a long white beard. There were no other automobiles in sight—only this guy, Arika recounted, and she understood who he was. He was her guardian angel. He noticed her and immediately informed her that an ambulance was on its way.

While Arika is unsure if she was dreaming or witnessing a glimpse of paradise, she said, she knew at that instant that Hunter was safe with her. Yet seeing the cheerful guy gave her more than just reassurance that Hunter would be OK. Arika was shielded from more anguish as long as she kept her gaze fixed on him.

Looking at him for a little while helped keep me from seeing Hunter being peeled out of the vehicle. Arika stated that she thought she would have had a heart attack if she had seen it. Rather, her attention was distracted by the shining, vivid image.

The man then just walked away, and as Arika blinks, a spotlight shines in her face. Arika and Hunter were set to see yet another miracle when the paramedics came.

Here’s the miracle: no broken bones, concussions that lasted less than 24 hours, no internal damage, and just a few stitches in her knee and face, Arika wrote. Just that after an accident in which paramedics marvel how they didn’t die instantaneously and a vehicle that seems to have gone through a tree grinder.

Hunter and Arika were both discharged from the hospital less than 48 hours after being admitted. And yet another miracle would befall them. When they returned to the accident site, they discovered Hunter’s Bible, which was open, with a page marked with a verse urging them not to be scared; Jesus is with them, Arika recalled.

Arika stated that she is in awe of God’s presence in this whole circumstance. Every aspect of their experience leads clearly to Him, Arika stated. She is astounded and utterly overwhelmed by God’s presence, so grateful for him giving her an angel, so grateful for Hunter and his second shot at life, for his recovery and health.

Arika ended her wonderful narrative with a prayer for all who read it, proving God’s unshakable purpose for everyone and that nothing in this physical world can disrupt what He has already planned.

He has a plan for everything, and it’s so evident that nothing, not even a vehicle accident like this one, will alter that, Arika added. She is hoping that everyone who reads this may get a glimpse of God’s faithfulness. He’s great. and also working. And his intentions for one another’s lives aren’t changing, she said.

Good or evil, it’s God’s doing. His ideas are coming to fruition. It’s the arrival of his dominion. Accept both the difficulties and the delights of life! It is without a doubt a miracle that one is alive, but more than that, it is simply God’s purpose for all. They’re really glad for this wreck, Arika remarked, adding that she’d do it all over again to let other folks understand God. They are fortunate to be alive. And so they fall in love with the wonderful God whom they serve.

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