Security Guard Gets Shot While Stopping Armed Thief, Walmart Fires Him After He Recovers.

Walmart Security Officer Brad Scurry, a veteran member of the National Guard, and another employee were on duty at an East Point store when they were entrusted with confronting a suspected shoplifter. However, as Scurry and his colleague approached Tyler Cortez Johnson, 24, the suspect took out a revolver and shot at the officers.

As Scurry lay bleeding on the ground, the bullet had ripped through his arm and torso. In critical condition, he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. After discovering that shards had lacerated multiple organs, doctors conducted emergency surgery.

Scurry lived and healed enough to return to work. Yet, a supervisor welcomed him with a disciplinary write-up minutes after he checked in for his first shift since the shooting. He was advised that if he did not follow company rules during the dispute that resulted in the shooting, he would earn a strike on his record.

Unfortunately, Scurry’s prediction came true. Soon after the article was published, Scurry encountered a protester who was interrupting consumers outside the business. When the firm discovered that he had urged the demonstrator to “shut up,” he was fired immediately. Even though he knows he should have used different words, Scurry doesn’t think what he did was a big enough mistake to get him fired.

Scurry applied for unemployment after being laid off and got a letter suggesting that he may get up to $7,782, provided his employer did not oppose the payment. But he quickly opened another letter dismissing his claim when Walmart denied his unemployment claim. Scurry’s medical expenses were luckily reimbursed in full by worker’s compensation. He also earned $17,000 to make up for the missed salary due to his medical rehabilitation. He did, though, lose his job and benefits, and he had no unemployment to fall back on while looking for another job. He was about to be evicted from his house.

Tyler Cortez Johnson was caught when another Walmart worker chased him down and called the police. He was charged with aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, as well as possession of an illegal handgun by a felon. He was given a $50,000 bail for the assault and $5,000 bonds for the lesser crimes.

Scurry has been called a hero, but his old boss doesn’t treat him like a hero. It’s unclear which rules he broke or if his colleague received comparable punishment.

Scurry tries to stay optimistic, appreciative for nearly avoiding a fatal danger. Yet, the growing costs and the prospect of losing his house haunt him.

Perhaps, some employer will learn about Scurry’s bravery and hire him. After all, it’s uncommon for an employee to contemplate taking a bullet for the sake of their firm.

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