Couple Slammed For Keeping The Same Name That BIL Decided For Their Angel Baby.

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My (31F) husband (33M) and his brother (36M) aren’t super close, but we all get along well. My BIL is pretty nice overall, but he does seem to be a bit jealous of my husband and just everything we have (but my husband told me that it’s always been like this so it’s not really a big deal).

I’m currently pregnant with a baby girl (our first baby), and we’ve been discussing possible names. There’s one that we’re pretty sure of, it’s not super ‘out there’ but I think it’s pretty unique nowadays and I really like it. The issue is, this is the name that BIL and his girlfriend had picked out for their baby 3 years ago (if it was a girl because they didn’t know yet), but the baby unfortunately died. His girlfriend chose the name from her favorite ballet, and I remember she would say that if she ever had a daughter she’d name her that.

We were at a family event over the weekend and I mentioned that we had that name in mind. BIL looked kind of surprised and said that was the name they’d picked for their daughter. My husband said that we know but we just thought it was a really nice name. BIL started saying if we could reconsider and that there are other names, and this one’s really special to him. I said that we decided on the name, and he actually didn’t even know if his baby was going to be a girl or a boy. He was upset and kept saying that we should reconsider, I got a little mad and told him that he doesn’t own the name, and they should be hoping for a healthy baby rather than worry about names. BIL dropped it after that, but my SIL (my husband’s sister) told me and my husband that we don’t care and we’re intentionally hurting him.

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