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Thug Sucker Punches Mom, Steals Purse — Finds Out What Her Daughter Does For Fun

Masina Tupea, 18, and her family had just arrived in New Orleans and were on their way to supper when they were greeted harshly. A guy charged up to the family’s 47-year-old mother, sucker-punching her in the face and stealing her purse. The woman collapsed on the ground, in excruciating pain from a fractured jaw.

Masina pursued the robber without fear while her dad assisted her mother in pain. She was face-to-face with her mother’s assailant in an instant, and he was about to find out why the girl had bravely challenged him.

The assailant had no idea Masina was a competitive weightlifter who had achieved a national deadlifting record of 319 by the age of 15. Despite the fact that the bandit had a head start, the adolescent had caught up to him in no time.

The adolescent seized the man and wrestled him for a few moments before punching her in the face. Masina, on the other hand, was not going down without a fight. After a brief moment of calm, the adolescent pulled the man by his shirt and tossed him to the ground.

Masina utilized her power and training to apprehend the guy, eventually confirmed as 36-year-old career criminal Augustus Taylor. She then held him down until the cops showed up to arrest him.

Masina’s mom was admitted to the hospital for treatment of a dislocated jaw. The adolescent herself received a black eye, which she wears as a badge of honor. She ascribed her talent to the instruction she got as a child in Hawaii.

Despite the fact that her holiday did not go as expected, Masina anticipated to spend her final week in Hawaii before returning to Rhode Island to begin school at Johnston and Wales University.

Taylor was charged with purse stealing and two counts of simple assault. He pled guilty to battery charges four times in New Orleans, involving domestic abuse battery in 2010, simple battery in 2011, and aggravated battery in 2012 and 2014.

Hawaii Teen Tackles Mugger in the Big Easy

A young woman from Hawaii takes down a robber in the Big Easy. 18-year-old Masina Tupea stopped a mugger from stealing her mother's purse. The national powerlifting champion and Punahou graduate from Aiea says the crook messed with the wrong family. #MasinaTupea #Powerlifting #Hawaii #BigEasy #NewOrleans #HawaiiNews #HawaiiNewsNow

Posted by Stephanie Lum on Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Masina Tupea has been lauded as a hero for confronting her mom’s assailant. While she does not advise people to go after muggers, she believes they will be aware of the risks that lie around every corner.

Augustus Taylor is in prison, where he deserves. Obviously, he’ll be remembered as the convict who was killed by an adolescent girl this time. It’s reasonable to say that his new image will not serve him well in the eyes of his new neighbors.

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