Couple Steal The Spotlight From Woman Celebrating 30th Birthday By Getting Engaged, Her Friend Ruins Their Moment In Kind.

The narrator attends a friend’s extravagant 30th birthday party, only to witness a surprise proposal by someone she doesn’t know. Seeing her friend Lia’s upset reaction, she takes matters into her own hands and publicly shames the couple for their tacky behavior, leading to awkwardness and ridicule for the couple and a sense of relief for Lia. The narrator emphasizes the importance of having class and good manners.

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This happened last week and i only now have time to type it out. One of my friends, “Lia,” celebrated her 30th birthday. Due to personal reasons, she went all out for it. The venue was amazing, the food was great, the decor was tasteful, there was good music, and guests were asked to wear something fancy.

The day of, everything was going well until…. someone dropped to one knee. You already know where this is going. Someone actually proposed! at someone else’s birthday! I was giving the couple the side eye but i thought maybe this was planned. Maybe Lia knows because who would be bold enough to do this without the host’s permission.

So i went to find Lia. She was sitting at a table surrounded by a few friends looking a mixture of angry and sad. I asked if she knew this was going to happen? She gave a small head shake and said “well, there’s nothing for me to do now right”. I decided then, she doesn’t have to do anything. I’ll do it for her.

I walked up to the happy couple, who at this point were surrounded by a few people who were congratulating them (the audacity!). To give credit to some people, a lot of the guests were looking awkward, bewildered & had a face of not interested to be involve in the drama. So not everyone lost their common sense it seems. Back to the story, i walked up to her, asked to see the ring. She was all smiley holding out her hand and i made a show of looking at it closely then loudly said “Well, at least the ring is decent”.

Immediately, smile gone. She looked shock and asked what’s that supposed to mean. Again, loudly i told her “Girl, you got proposed at someone’s celebration which he didn’t plan or pay for. You’re not even worth that much. I’m just glad he didn’t cheapen out on the ring”. Then i turned around, walked to a nearby friend and still in a voice that i want everyone to hear said how tacky and embarassing they are.

Like a switch, everyone then started whispering at them. Some that i heard includes, “who does that at someone’s birthday?”, “man can’t even plan an event and had to mooch of someone else”, “if i was her, i wouldn’t have said yes”.They left quiet fast after that and while the party did end kind of awkward, Lia did looked better at the end so i don’t feel guilty.

As i’m not familiar with the couple, I only heard second- and third-hand story about was has been happening so not sure about the validity. Apparently she has been complaining about how her proposal’s was ruinous and she can’t even have a second one because she’s traumatized by the first one. Thankfully, no one is giving her time, instead she’s getting even more ridiculed. The next rumor I heard, they (the couple) had been fighting. The proposal was supposedly her idea, and he just went along with it. Now, he’s getting called pathetic and cheap. I have no sympathy for someone that stupid.

So moral here people, have some class and learn better manners.

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