SIL Fat-Shames This Guy’s Fiancée, Gets Upset When She Gets Excluded From Their Wedding, Despite Her Husband Getting To Go.

The protagonist is engaged to a woman he finds irresistibly sexy despite her being fat. However, his brother’s wife intentionally did not invite his fiancee to be a bridesmaid at their wedding due to her size, causing tension between the families. As a result, the protagonist has decided not to invite her to their intimate wedding, causing further conflict.

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I’m engaged. My fiancée is fat. she was when I met her. I’ve always found her irresistibly sexy. I’m not looking for commentary or unsolicited advice on this point.

My fiancée and I sent out save the dates for the wedding. My brother got one; his wife very intentionally did not.

He got married last year. His wife had all my siblings’ significant others as bridesmaids, whether they were married or dating. Even my other brother’s girlfriend, who he’d only been with for a few months. I’d been with my girlfriend for nearly five years at that point, and everyone knew it was a question of when, not if, we’d get married.

She didn’t ask my girlfriend to be a bridesmaid because she didn’t want to be constrained to picking a bridesmaid’s dress available in plus sizes and did not want to have my girlfriend in her wedding photos.

I’m not speculating. That’s not something I ever could’ve guessed. That’s what she said, in her own words, when we arrived at the wedding to find everyone else’s SOs were bridesmaids but her, and asked what was going on.

I thought maybe it was a Bridezilla moment and she’d realize how hurtful it was later, but it’s been over a year, and while my brother has apologized again and again for ever having allowed that to happen (why he’s invited), his wife never did at all. Even when it’s been brought up in front of her.

We’ve only seen them a couple times since the wedding, and my fiancée has tried to forgive and forget, but it’s still uneasy between us because of the singular lens we now know she views my fiancée through.

My fiancée doesn’t mind grinning and bearing for the occasional family event we have to attend, but I didn’t feel like it would be right to make her spend her wedding day with someone who would ever treat her as less than human.

We’re having a very intimate wedding (20 people, of which 12 are family.) Having that woman there would taint the whole dynamic. That being said, the rest of my family is understandably upset.

My family, my brother especially, feels like we’re trying to make them choose sides. (In my other brother’s words, “Even if that wasn’t your intention, it’s the result, and that’s a real a**hole move none of us deserve. “We didn’t do anything to [your fiancée].”

I definitely don’t want to make anyone choose sides, and he’s not wrong that they didn’t cause the problem and don’t deserve the fallout. But my wife also deserves a wedding day with only people who love and cherish her.

Am I a jerk for not inviting my brother’s wife?

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