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Couple uses canceled wedding catering payment to feed 200 individuals in need on Thanksgiving.

Emily Bugg, 33, and Billy Lewis, 34, were supposed to marry in 2020 in a spectacular wedding, but their plans were halted owing to a coronavirus outbreak.

They then decided to give their catering deposit to assist serve meals for individuals in need during the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to reports, the couple utilized their $5,000 nonrefundable deposit to buy 200 Thanksgiving dinners for Threshold clients, a nonprofit mental health service that assists persons suffering from major mental disorders and drug misuse issues.

In the larger scheme of things, canceling a huge wedding isn’t the most disastrous thing that could happen, Bugg, a Thresholds outreach specialist, said.

They’re excited to be married, and even more excited that they were able to assist Thresholds’ clients feel the bond of a Thanksgiving feast as a consequence of the wedding cancellation.

Rather than a major wedding, Bugg and Lewis married on October 1 at City Hall in Chicago, allowing for the aforementioned contribution.

At a time when the sheer turmoil of 2020 has many individuals depressed, tales like these raise our hearts and remind us of what the spirit of sharing can truly accomplish.

We’d like to congratulate Emily and Billy for their unselfish actions in making sure that people in need could eat this Thanksgiving.

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