Three Louisiana Siblings Killed In A Wrong-Way Crash By A Dallas Driver.

A wrong-way motorist on the I-49 murdered three siblings on their way home from a Friday night basketball game. Katie DeRouen, their sister, created a GoFundMe effort to help the bereaved family. She doesn’t know how they will ever go on or heal from this, she says, conveying the sadness that has befallen the Simmons family. The wrong-way motorist, as well as three Simmons siblings, were killed in the incident, as per investigators. The family is in shock because the incident occurred during the Christmas season; their Christmas gifts are still wrapped beneath the tree waiting for them, DeRouen writes.

Christopher, 16, Kamryn, 14, their mother, Dawn Simmons, and Christopher’s 16-year-old girlfriend, Marissa were among the occupants in Simmons’ car. They were on their way home from Christopher’s basketball game with the Acadiana Christian School team, according to their sister.

Lindy Simmons, 20, was the driver of the 2017 Cadillac XT5 SUV involved in the collision. Lindy, who was wearing her seatbelt at the time, and Lundy were pronounced dead on the scene. As a consequence of their wounds, Kamryn and Christopher died in hospitals, and the two other passengers in the Simmons automobile were hospitalized in critical condition.

She flew to the hospital, weeping the whole way, assuming her mom was harmed but not imagining anything worse, Katie adds. Even before they got to the hospital, their family discovered on Facebook that the tragedy involved two deaths. She was completely delusory and realized both fatalities had to be in the other car, she continues. They hoped that they would not endure such a loss, particularly during the Christmas season.

She described what was going through her thoughts as she drove to the hospital. Even when they found that the second automobile involved had just one person, her mind was still sure that someone was twisting their facts and it couldn’t be genuine. As per the family, her mother suffered a lacerated carotid artery, while Christopher’s girlfriend had a shattered femur and stomach injuries. They saw a ray of hope when they saw the steady situations of these two passengers and began looking for their three siblings.

Nevertheless, they discovered that the car’s driver, Lundy, had died in the crash. They were able to find Christopher and Kamryn at the other two hospitals after some difficulty, but were devastated to learn that they had also died as a result of their wounds Katie expresses her tremendous sadness by saying, her father has lost his three kids and is currently in intensive care alongside her mother. Her mother is in intensive care, with no idea what occurred. The most difficult part of this entire process, apart from the loss of her siblings, is understanding that her mother will be notified of this once she awakens.

DeRouen said that John Lundy, 54, of Dallas, was drunk when he slammed into their car, but Trooper Thomas Gossen, the public relations officer for Louisiana State Troop I, said police are still awaiting toxicology testing on both drivers.

Louisiana State Police issued a statement expressing their concern over the tragedy, adding, because of avoidable conditions, the lives of numerous families were impacted forever in one night. Troopers witness the devastating effects of avoidable motor vehicle accidents on a regular basis.

The Louisiana State Police advises motorists to have a strategy in place that involves always wearing a seat belt, never driving distracted or drowsy, and having a designated driver or an alternate transport home if they have consumed alcohol. Please refrain from driving or traveling with someone who is inebriated.

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