Officer retiring after 50 yrs of service died right after final shift at work: “He loved being a cop way too much”

A Tennessee police officer died shortly after finishing his last shift on the job after dedicating 50 years of his life to keeping his community’s streets safe.

Hamblen County Deputy Stan Shaw went into his office on March 19, 2021, realizing it was his last day. He was retiring from police enforcement after five decades of service to the public. Shaw left work for the last time before his shift ended to return home, but he never arrived. He was later discovered unconscious inside his automobile.

As he was being carried to the hospital, EMTs were able to restart his heart. He had a heart attack, it was established. He was placed on life support after being without oxygen for too long, Michael Quinton, a family friend, wrote on a GoFundMe page set up for the family. Many scans and second opinions later, it was found that he had no brain function. His 38-year-old wife had to make the most difficult choice.

Shaw died on March 22, 2021, after it was decided to remove him from life support.

He was a firm believer in second chances. So, if he detained you, came into touch with you, or you were arrested, he was one of the cops that would sit with you and counsel you, Rhea Shaw Grebenik, the officer’s daughter, stated

Shaw attempted to retire as a chief deputy from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office around ten years before his death, but changed his mind when he discovered how much he enjoyed his position.

He took a month off from law enforcement and concluded he couldn’t do it. He was far too fond of being a cop. Sitting at home wasn’t working for him, and he wished to assist others, Rhea spoke up.

Ultimately, when he took the decision to retire permanently in March 2021, he had already planned to spend time with his family.

He served his community till his last day, Rhea continued, and she is proud of him for that.

Following his death, Michael created a GoFundMe campaign for Shaw’s widow to aid her with burial and medical bills, as well as to allow her to take a vacation from work during her time of bereavement.

Stan committed 50 years in police enforcement, safeguarding his community and directing people in the right direction, Michael said on GoFundMe. Any donations donated will go towards a memorial ceremony as well as his widow’s medical expenditures. She will also take time away from work to reflect on what has occurred.

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