Cousin of Texas school shooter says he asked her third-grade son about his school

Salvador Ramos’ cousin has claimed that the juvenile shooter asked her little kid for information about his primary school barely a week before going on a homicidal spree.

Shelby Celeste Salazar said her son was in third grade at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where her 18-year-old cousin started firing Tuesday, killing 19 students and two teachers.
Salazar, 28, expressed that Ramos had spoken to her son days prior to the murder and inquired him which school he studied and what time pupils were let out for lunch.

The mother of four revealed that at the time, she didn’t think much of it because they had a nice connection. They’re second cousins. 

Salazar and her kids live with Ramos and their grandmother, Celia Gonzalez, who was shot in the face by her grandson shortly before the tragedy. She is Ramos’ mother’s half-sister. 

Ramos would travel to the little boy’s school equipped with an AR-15 assault weapon, fire up the building, and kill 21 people a week after his discussion with Salazar’s son.

The third grader was in class when Ramos started his murdering rampage, but escaped the massacre unhurt.

Salazar said she had no clue if her cousin targeted her son or avoided going into his classroom on purpose.

She stated that no one understands why he did what he did. That’s the truth.

Nobody knows what he was thinking, how he felt, or why he felt compelled to murder their grandma and all those innocent children.

Ramos had been staying with them after being booted out of his mother’s residence across town, according to Salazar.

Authorities said Ramos fired and badly injured his grandmother at her house before continuing his attack at the school.

Gonzalez, 66, is presently healing in a San Antonio hospital.

Salazar said she is still trying to comprehend her cousin’s mindless act of violence, as well as why he would attack a school and even their grandma.

Salazar described Ramos as a peaceful adolescent who had changed in recent months after his mother pushed him out of the house and contacted the police.

Before he was silent, he would joke and laugh. He didn’t say anything; there were no more smiles, just stillness.He began to communicate with us less and less.

She claimed she never saw any guns in the neighborhood where they lived with their grandma.

She stated that she last saw Ramos on Friday evening and spoke with him on Saturday.

Salazar had left Uvalde for the weekend to see friends in San Antonio when Ramos opened fire on the primary school.

Police claimed he acquired two AR-15 assault guns for his 18th birthday, flaunted them on social media, and threatened to perpetrate an outrage before the horrific incident.

Ramos is said to have had a poor relationship with his mother, Adriana Reyes, which she rejects.

Reyes explained on Wednesday that she was ‘taken aback’ by her son’s heinous conduct, but that he was a loner who ‘kept to himself and didn’t have many friends.’

She denied having a tumultuous connection with him. She also did not answer charges that she was a drug addict who caused the youngster to abandon her and move in with his grandmother.

Reyes said of her kid that she is at a loss for words. She is not sure what he was thinking. She continued he had his reasons for doing what he did.

In her words, ‘All I want is for the innocent children who perished to forgive me.’ Please forgive me, and please forgive my son. I’m sure he had his reasons.’

When she was questioned why he chose the primary school, she simply stated, “to be closer to those youngsters.”

Salazar, on the other hand, claims her aunt “has been the issue” and, strangely, threatened to shoot her own mother last week.

Reyes, she alleges, is now prohibited from seeing her mother in the hospital.

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