Johnny Depp’s lawyer calls Amber Heard a ‘troubled person desperate for attention’

Depp’s all-star advocate, Camille Vasquez began by labelling Amber Heard an abuser.

Vasquez, in her concluding statement, said that there is an abuser in this courtroom but it’s not Mr. Depp. She further said that there is a prey of abuse in this court but it’s not Miss Heard. She then said that Miss Heard is in fact the abuser and Mr. Depp is the abused.

Vasquez renowned expert accounts that detected Heard with Borderline Personality Disorder and named the actress an extremely, troubled person who is desperate for attention and endorsement.

Vasquez said that it is six years ago to the day that Amber Heard filed a preventive order against Depp, which ruined his life by falsely telling the world that she was a survivor of domestic violence.  

Precisely six years later today, Vasquez asked Amber to give Mr. Depp his life back by telling the world that he is not the abuser and hold Amber answerable for her lies.

Vasquez added that 6 years ago today Miss Heard filed a incorrect report of domestic ferocity against her husband of 15 months, Johnny Depp. She claimed that it was a pre-arranged setup as Amber tipped off the paparazzi so they would be waiting. She continued and said that paparazzi’s knew where she would pause’ and show off her bruise.

Depp’s attorney then said that the photos capture what they wanted her to see – the image of an abused woman.

Vasquez said that 2 years later when endorsing the major role of her career, Amber presented herself as a public figure demonstrating domestic ferocity.

Camille Vasquez Closing Argument Depp v. Heard – FULL | COURT TV

"It was an act of profound cruelty, not just to Mr. Depp, but to true survivors of domestic abuse." Camille Vasquez begins her closing argument for #JohnnyDepp. Vasquez plays for the jury #AmberHeard's own words admitting she hit her ex-husband. WATCH #CourtTV LIVE – #DeppvHeard –

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Vasquez said that Amber’s accusations are wild over the top and unbelievable and you can’t pick and choose which of these to trust and disregard. She added that either you believe all of it, or none of it.

The attorney said that it was an act of deep brutality, not just to Mr. Depp but to real fighters of domestic ferocity. It was wrong, it was offensive and it caused irreversible harm.

In 2016 when Heard found out that Depp wanted to end the relationship she ‘went on the attack,’ Vasquez said.

Vasquez claimed that Amber sent Depp a list of monetary demands and when they were not met she landed a blow more harmful than anything physical by blaming him of abuse. Amber didn’t just want a divorce, she wanted to ruin Depp.

Vasquez walked the judges through a number of the events in which Heard claims she was beaten up. Turning to the event in Australia where Heard claims that Depp brutally sexually assaulted her with a bottle, Vasquez said that there was a monster in that house but it wasn’t Mr. Depp, it was Miss Heard. All the evidence shows it was Miss Heard who confronted and seriously injured Mr. Depp, throwing a bottle at him and cutting his finger.

Depp’s lawyer Benjamin Chew sustained the closing testimonials and said that with the op-ed Amber was trading on her allegations against Mr. Depp since she had the movie Aquaman to promote.

Chew said that Amber was once again casting Mr. Depp as the baddie in her drama. Chew added that this case has never been about money nor is it about punishing Miss Heard but it is Mr. Depp’s status and freeing him from the prison he’s lived in for the past six years.

Chew finally said to the jury that they have seen the proof in this case that shows irresistible Miss Heard’s effort to depict herself as a gallant survivor and Mr. Depp as an abuser are completely wrong

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