Mother Of Texas School Shooter Asks People ‘Not To Judge’ And ‘Forgive’ Her Son.

Adriana Reyes, the mom of Salvador Ramos, the youth who killed 19 school kids and two educators at an elementary school in Texas said that she has no words to say and she doesn’t know what her son was thinking. 

She further said that her son had his own reasons for doing what he did and requests people not to judge him. The mother also pleads for forgiveness for herself and her son after the Tuesday’s mass shooting. 

Uvalde Shooter’s Mother Speaks Out

SHOOTER’S MOTHER SPEAKS OUT: Mother of Texas school shooting suspect Salvador Ramos apologizes: “Forgive me, forgive my son. I know he had his reasons.” (🎥 CNN) MORE:

Posted by News 4 San Antonio on Friday, May 27, 2022

Reyes said that she only want the innocent children who pass away to forgive her and her son.  

Ramos supposedly had a stressed relationship with his mother, something she denies, and was living at his grandma’ Celia Martinez Gonzalez’s home when he went on the rampage on Tuesday. 

In fact, Gonzalez was his first prey, when he gunshot her in the face before stealing her car and driving to Robb Elementary School, where he collided, then ran inside, fortifying himself inside a schoolroom and shooting dead the 19 children and two teachers. 

In an interview, Reyes did not address claims that she was a drug addict who saw the boy ditch her and go to live with his grandmother. She then said that her son wasn’t a violent person and she is surprised by what he did.

Reyes added that she had a good relationship with her son and he kept to himself and neither her son had many friends.

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Posted by ABC News on Friday, May 27, 2022

In a chain of private messages on Facebook to a 15-year-old that Ramos met online, he stated his intent to shoot his grandmother and then to go on to open fire at Robb Elementary School. 

A former classmate of Ramos’ said that the gunman has posted videos to his Instagram story showing him scream at his mother as she tried to kick him out of the house. 

Ramos’ grandpa, Rolando Reyes told how the family were kept in the dark about the two lethal weapons that Ramos had bought.

The shooter’s grandpa also revealed that he was quiet and would sometimes go to work with him. Rolando added that Ramos was very quiet and he didn’t talk very much.

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