Curvy nurse responds to those who thought her scrubs were improper.

In response to those who called her scrubs “inappropriate” for the way they suited her body, a nurse insisted that their actual problem was with her curves.

The video of Erika Diaz, 22, showcasing her hospital uniform—a blue blouse tucked into blue pants—went viral when she said she had been questioned why she wore her scrubs “like that.”

The video then switches to images of the scrubs’ internet advertisements, demonstrating how they were made to be tucked in. The sole distinction is Erika’s body type.

She captioned the photo, ‘some folks only have a problem with her body not her scrubs and it shows.’

More than 12.7 million people have seen the video, and Erika has defended herself repeatedly in the comments area.

She stated that just to be clear, she is 107 pounds. and 5’2”. She is little and short. You may claim all you want that her physique is a phony, but it isn’t. Ask about her back issues.

She said that she really works two jobs, volunteers, and is still in school. She dedicates her life to the betterment of others, and does not care what anyone thinks.

A discussion among viewers about Erika’s attire has arisen since some of them thought her scrubs were too tight.

One user said, “It’s just not professional,” while another said, “You can just get a bigger size to allow you space for breathing.”

‘I’m an old school director, another person said, ‘I’d never let it on my floor – I don’t want to see nails [perfume] or style — keep that at home where it belongs.

Erika retaliated, saying that she is genuinely not wearing makeup, having her nails done, or having her hair done. In order for her to avoid being trapped, it is simply just scrubs tucked in.

Others said that her scrubs were not “inappropriate,” and that her detractors shouldn’t be pushing her to purchase a larger size.

One TikTok member said, “Anyone suggesting “purchase a greater size” it doesn’t [actually] function like that.” Sometimes a larger size will be overly lengthy or huge in the arms.

Another person said, “These remarks are truly driving me so crazy.” “She’s wearing it the way it should be worn,” I said. She has no control over how her body was created.

Erika publishes videos of herself wearing bikinis and fitness gear on TikTok, and she isn’t afraid to flaunt her hourglass body there.

She posted another video of herself posing in her notorious scrubs a month after becoming viral.

She stated in the on-screen text, how she feel heading into work after some of her coworkers spotted her TikTok account lol.

She said in the post that they don’t care though. She’ll be telling them her entire life narrative, too.

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