Maid Of Honor Gets Demoted To A Bridesmaid Because She Won’t Go On A Diet, Decides To Take Revenge By Publicly Exposing The Horrible Bride.

A girl was humiliated when her cousin decided to remove her from the position of maid of honor as she believed she was “too heavy” and lacked “discipline” over her eating habits.

The cousin aggressively attacked her relative in a vicious text conversation, refusing to be “ashamed” for depriving the girl of her maid of honor responsibilities.

After sharing the scathing texts she received from her cousin in a video that has been seen over 108k times, TikTok user Lia found herself becoming popular online.

She asked her cousin whether she was “ashamed” for fat shaming her, and the cousin made it apparent that she wasn’t.

The cousin spoke back saying that no she won’t advise her to start a diet. It’s her wedding.

In response, the cousin was pressured once again by the young lady, who said that Alejandra downgraded her from maid of honor because she is big.

The cousin responded harshly, but she stood by her choice saying yes. since she is unable to control her desire to diet.

She appreciates discipline in individuals. She can continue to be a bridesmaid. Goodnight and have a pleasant night.

The girl just texted back, “Good night, love you,” after admitting the cousin is “like a sister” to her.

In the video, the girl can be heard saying, “Chick-fil-A after this text conversation with my cousin,” while she munches on a hamburger.

Numerous individuals urged the youngster to reject her cousin’s behavior in the hundreds of comments they left on her post.

“I want you to know that there is simply no excuse for being treated this way because I see you justifying her actions in your responses. particularly by family, “one individual stated.

Someone another wrote: “I can see how understanding and caring you are in the comments, but I am imploring you to realize that she has no regard for you and not to simply accept it.”

Another added: “You actually stated. Good night, my darling. Like she didn’t just insult you and walk away. Girl. Respect. Yourself.”

One stunned audience member said, “I truly hope that this is a prank…,” while another added, “I know you’re close and love her, but you don’t deserve to be treated like this by someone you love.”

The girl indicated she would no longer be attending her cousin’s wedding in a subsequent video, which included additional “wedding drama.”

She said, without going into specifics, that she had been refused entry and was now resolved to “appreciate” herself more after being severely mistreated by her cousin.

She said that more bridesmaid drama is necessary since a wedding wouldn’t be complete without it. She won’t be attending the wedding and has been crying all day. She is not invited.

She will return her bridesmaid dress on Monday, and that will be the end of it.

The teen promised: “You folks told me to respect myself as a first step in not allowing people to treat me like s**t, and I’m trying. I’m giving it my all.”

One spectator defended the wedding by saying, “That wedding was going to be lousy anyhow.”

Added to that: “Good. Better is due to you! Someone will be honored to have you in their wedding one day since you are so lovely!”

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